It is common sense to buy stocks at Christmas !?

◆ Actually, before and after Christmas is the best time to buy stocks!
It's Christmas soon. Many people buy clothes and precious metals for their families and themselves during Christmas, but I would like to recommend “stock”.

In fact, around Christmas is the best time to buy stocks in a year. So, this time, I would like to tell you about the stock you want to aim for at Christmas from a system trade perspective.

First, we conducted a test under the following conditions to see if there was a chance to buy stock before and after Christmas.

◇ Verification conditions
Target brands: All brands
Validation period: 1990-2018

Buying conditions: Buy on the next business day after December 22 [if closed, the next business day is the basis]Sell ​​conditions: Sold after 5 days

By buying stocks before and after Christmas and selling them after 5 days, I statistically examined whether it would be effective to buy stocks before and after Christmas. The results of the verification are as follows.

◆ Verification results whether it is effective to buy stocks before and after Christmas!
Master of system trading
Win rate: 66.38%
Number of wins: 57,682
Losses: 29,217
Number of draws: 4,599

Total profit / loss [ratio]: 194,245.08%
Average profit and loss [rate]: 2.12%

Total profit [rate]: 305,930.62%
Average profit [rate]: 5.30%

Total loss [rate]: -111,685.54%
Average loss [rate]: -3.82%

Profit factor [total profit / total loss]: 2.739
Average retention days: 9.86 days

The win rate was about 65%, the average profit was 2%, and the average loss was 2.1%. Buying stocks before Christmas tended to increase in about 5 days. Now let's take a look at what brands are performing well.

◆ List of brands that go well with Christmas
Master of system trading
The figure shows a list of stocks that performed well in the previous verification. Check the brand from the list,

<4582> Symbio Pharmaceutical
<3680> Hot link
<3927> Hoover Brain

You can see that many emerging brands are ranked. An investment strategy that buys these emerging stocks around Christmas and sells them five days later is considered statistically advantageous. Why not pay attention to emerging stocks this Christmas?

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