It is dangerous to invest in "I want to save 30 million yen by the age of 65!"

◆ If you think about life events and work on asset management……
When do you think about future money? When a child was born? When you want to buy a house? When you catch your eyes on catch-ups such as "Bankruptcy in old age" and "Poverty in old age" in hanging ads on trains? Is not it.

When thinking about life management and working on asset management, many people set a savings target amount and start investing. Think, "By 20 years after you reach retirement age, you want to prepare 30 million yen for retirement age while operating at a yield of 5%."

Of course, it is important to work on asset management by considering future life events such as retirement time.

However, there is a problem with this idea. If you only go up to increase it, it may lead to unreasonable operation, which is very dangerous.

◆ What are the rules for setting goals for asset management that do not fail?
The common wishes that everyone has, such as "I want to increase my assets as soon as possible" and "I want to live a comfortable life in my old age" are really dangerous in asset management. If you set a high goal, you will have an unreasonable plan somewhere.

To manage to get closer to my rosy future, I tend to set up a portfolio centered on assets with large price fluctuations. Attempting to achieve high goals will result in a high investment ratio for stocks and take too much risk.

From the perspective of a sales representative of a financial institution whose purpose is to sell financial products, making good use of these ideas will make sales easier.

"For a comfortable old age, it would be nice to have as many as you like at the age of 0. There is some risk to achieve this goal, but let's operate with this product," he said, "Okay, Then please!"

In addition, some asset management experts advise you to calculate the required yield from the target amount to determine the portfolio.

But that approach can lead to excessive risk of managing your assets.

So what can we do to prevent that? That's the idea of ​​"reversing".

◆Set investment amount based on how much loss you can endure
It's not about how much money you want to make, but about how much you can endure. Keeping in mind the maximum amount of loss you can tolerate, decide the allocation ratio to each asset.

That way, you can manage your assets while controlling your risk.

Of course, there are individual differences in the amount of loss that can be tolerated. Decide your target yield after carefully considering your age, personality, family situation, and investment experience.

As a result, if you do not reach the goal of "¥ 000,000 by the age of 0", you have no choice but to take risk and increase your money, and increase the amount of money you will invest in asset management.

In order not to make irreparable mistakes in investment, do not imagine a rosy future, but calmly judge "how much loss you can tolerate" and work on asset management Let's do it.

Text = Tadahiro Takahashi [Money Guide]
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