It is full of moss and trees are growing! │ Is it as good as art? A picture of a car being abandoned and becoming part of nature

Introducing part of a new photo book "Lost Wheels" by photographer Dieter Klein, which collects works of cars in Europe and the United States.

"Don't just step back. If you want to change the position of the tripod, turn around and go step by step. Then you'll know what's ahead of you." The term was used by a friend when Dieter photographed a car that had been abandoned in the American wilderness. If you keep looking around you as you go, you can sometimes find something wonderful.

All the cars he is taking for this photo book are decaying. There are some vines that are entwined, covered with moss, and even some trees are growing, so they are all cars that do not function at all. However, Dieter said he traveled 44,000 miles and took 250 days to photograph these battered cars. In addition, spending months planning this trip made it a big project that lasted for a year.

The inspiration for producing "Lost Wheels" came when he was cycling in France on a holiday. I happened to find two old Peugeots, and when I went back there to shoot, I discovered Citroen Rosary in 1935. He was never a classic car enthusiast, but was fascinated at that time. From there, I thought of finding cars on the roadside and shooting them like this. The cars discovered while traveling around Germany, the United States, and Sweden include the Porsche 356, Chrysler Imperial, DKW 89, and Citroen Traxion Avant.

A car that looks like a junk car, which was taken in a place where you wouldn't normally set foot, has the appearance that it can be used as a kind of art by itself.gallerySo please see the work.

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