It is impossible to postpone the Cannes Film Festival "It is difficult to hold the traditional style"

The Secretariat of the Cannes International Film Festival, which is held every year in Cannes in southern France, announced on the 14th that the postponement plan to the end of June announced in March became impossible due to the new coronavirus measures established by the French government. "It seems difficult to hold this year in the traditional format," he said.

France's President Macron said in a television speech on Thursday that announced the extension of strict restrictions on travel, "large-scale festivals will not be allowed until mid-July."

After consulting with domestic and foreign stakeholders, the Secretariat agreed that all possibilities should be explored to somehow shed light on the film festival's work this year.

The initial plan for this year was May 12-23. In March, the secretariat announced that it could not be held on this schedule due to the spread of virus infection, and that it would be effective to postpone it from the end of June to the beginning of July. [Joint]

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