It is pointed out that Amazon's surveillance camera “ Ring '' can identify the position information of the camera regardless of the user's intention


It is pointed out that Amazon's surveillance camera “ Ring '' can identify the position information of the camera regardless of the user's intention

Amazon's smart cameraRing”Is a device that can check movies shot via Wi-Fi, a device that is becoming popular as a home surveillance camera,NeighborsYou can post and share movies from.GizmodoHowever, when collecting and analyzing about 65,800 movies, which are about 500 days of data shared by Neighbors users, the movie taken by Ring not only can identify the face of the person, but also the movie is shot It was found that the exact latitude and longitude of the location was recorded.

Ring's Neighbors Data Let Us Map Amazon's Home Surveillance Network

With millions of users in the United States, Neighbors is promoted as a tool that can receive real-time crime and safety alerts from local law enforcement agencies. In cities where the police and Ring are affiliated, police officers can request access to movies shot on the Ring from a special law enforcement portal. You can also select dates, times, and locations on the map to send alerts to Neighbors users near your camera.

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A Ring spokesperson said, “The exact location of users using Ring is obfuscated unless the user allows the police to communicate location information.” However, Gizmodo decodes location information that should be obfuscated and creates detailed maps showing the location of tens of thousands of Ring cameras in 15 cities including Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Oakland, Boston, and Chicago. Succeeded.

According to Gizmodo, the location information was acquired by a part of the Ring terminal, but the map shows the “ Ring of the user who allowed the police to tell the location information '' using the Neighbors application Instead, it is only "Ring of users who are allowed to share movies". In about 500 days investigated by Gizmodo, the location information of the camera of the Ring owner who did not share the movie on Neighbors could not be obtained. Gizmodo has discovered up to 20,000 Rings.

Gizmodo's claim that Ring spokespersons did not argue against the claim that "if someone exploits the same data as Gizmodo can identify the exact location of the user's home," "Only the movies that Neighbors users choose to share on Neighbors are published to the Neighbors app and local law enforcement." According to a spokesperson, RingAESWhenTLSIt is said that the location information of the Ring terminal is obfuscated using encryption combined with. However, Gizmodo argues that the location information associated with each movie post can be understood by some technical users. In addition, Gizmodo respects user privacy and does not publish a procedure for decrypting Ring's encrypted location information.

At the time of writing, various movies have been posted from Neighbors in real time from all over the United States. For example, there are movies of children and youth, and movies of people who have sex. You can also check movies on immigration and customs clearance.

Ring websiteNow you can share alerts between users using Neighbors within the selected range. Most users, however, are not alerts, and are more likely to assume that their posted movie is shared only with neighboring Neighbors users, and that the user's posted movie, including accurate location information, It ’s not clear if the user understands that anyone can easily browse from anywhere above.

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GuardianIn August 2019,Ring shared a map of the location of an active Ring camera with the policeI have reported that. CNET quoted an official document in December 2019,Police affiliated with Ring were allowed access to the "heat map" reflecting the area where the cameras are concentratedIt is reported.

Schlejas Gandol, a privacy researcher who saw the heat map, discovered that when the heat map was enlarged, circles were displayed around the individual cameras. However, a spokesman for Ring said that the map shows “ approximate device density '', and it is also clear that the police were instructed not to share the heat map publicly .

Ring, like Google ’s public view of millions of people ’s faces as street view in 2007, was n’t going to reveal people in a video that would be used for general surveillance. Was not. " However, not everyone agrees with Ring's claim.

“If most people are being tracked 24/7 by police officers and private detectives, there will be no one who does n’t bother or complain. Ring does the same technically and quietly And it can be said that it is done invisible. "American Free Human Rights AssociationSaid analyst Jay Stanley. “It ’s also easier to take your picture of going out and walking on the sidewalk and post it on the front page of tomorrow ’s morning edition,” says Stanley.

Stanley said by Ring that "the act of being outside itself is something that is constantly recorded by strangers", and this long-term observation state fundamentally changes people's natural behavior He points out that there is a possibility. Stanley is worried that "the human species will have an effect that has never been experienced in history."

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Ring guidelinesUsers are required to respect “privacy of others” and not upload movies of “individual or privacy related activities”. When the Ring administrator operates the service according to the guidelines, check the movie posted on the platform, and appropriately record “inappropriate” video that records “individual or privacy-related activities” that violate the guidelines. You can delete it. However, at the time of writing the article was not actually audited of such content, and according to Gizmodo, dozens of young users in Washington DC use Neighbors to post childhood pranks and selfies That's right.

Brennan Justice CenterAngel Diaz, an attorney, said, “With someone just passing through your home, you do n’t get much information, but people moving around If you get information from the whole system that can identify you, you know where you live, where you work, and where you go. "

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