It is said that the font added to Instagram is similar to "the most disliked font in the world"


It is said that the font added to Instagram is similar to "the most disliked font in the world"

In August 2020, Instagram created fonts that can be used in the story function.add toDid. One of the added fonts is "Most disliked font in the worldIt is pointed out that it is very similar to, and it is a topic.

Instagram Stories' new font looks an awful lot like Comic Sans

"Comic Sans" is a font designed by Microsoft font designer Vincent Connard, a classic American comic book.WatchmenAndBatman: The Dark Knight ReturnsIt is based on a lettering of the handwritten character of ". Originally, it was a font that was supposed to be used for comics, but since it was adopted as a standard font of Windows 95, I bought it from a lot of people for the reason that "too casual design is too dull".

The designer who made the font “Comic Sans'' that happened to the ban movement due to unpopularity-GIGAZINE

CERNIn 2012, the research team ofHiggs bosonWhen announcing a very important discovery "I discovered," I adopted Comic Sans for the slide that explains the announcement, but on the Internet, "What a terrible slide!" It's like studying physics according to the Yard-Pound Law," he said.

The fonts that can be used in Instagram stories were announced to be added on April 30, 2020.

In the story function of Instagram, I entered "GIGAZINE" using a font similar to Comic Sans in the image below.

And the following is what you typed "GIGAZINE" in real Comic Sans. You can clearly see that the fonts are different when you compare them closely, but they have the common point that they are handwritten and somewhat pop Gothic, and there is a close impression at first glance.

Some people have shown a strong rejection on Instagram after hearing that a font similar to Comic Sans has been added to Instagram.

"Comic Sans has been added to Instagram, and it's so crisp that the blood is almost boiling."

"With the addition of Comic Sans to the font, Instagram has become as poisonous as Facebook."

"Comic Sans has appeared on Instagram. Let's uninstall"

"When I realized that Comic Snas is now available on Instagram stories,"

Comic SansDyslexiaIt is a font designed to be readable by people with (dyslexia)AssertionThere is also. Therefore, Mashable, an overseas news site, says, "Instagram has taken into consideration accessibility, and it is undeniable that it adopted a font similar to Comic Sans."

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