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Pocket has released "Home Star VR SPECIAL EDITION" [special edition], which is a special version of PlayStation VR's classic planetarium software "Home Star VR". The price is 3,500 yen [excluding tax].

In conjunction with the release of the software, a promotional video featuring three popular voice actors, including Jun Fukuyama, Sayaka Ohara, and Donna Burke, who were in charge of the narration of this work, was released on the official YouTube channel today. It was done. [/ embed]

■ Additional new programs to introduce constellations related to the fairy tale "Night on the Galactic Railway"
Kenji Miyazawa's fairy tale "Galaxy Railway Night" introduces the constellations of "Galaxy Railway", "First Planetarium" where you can learn the basics of the starry sky visible from the earth, "First-class stars" that you can know the names and stories of first-class stars Etc. "are newly added.

■ Additional starry sky scenic spots that you want to visit once in a lifetime, such as Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture
Famous superb scenic spots such as “Achi Village” in Nagano Prefecture, which is also called the best starry sky in Japan, “Natural Bridge National Monument” in Utah, which is said to be the most beautiful in the United States, and “Namibu Desert” in Africa are newly added. It will be possible to visit in the same way as the world's starry sky scenic spots such as the existing Lake Tekapo and Uyuni Salt Lake.

■ Reproduce the orbit of Hayabusa2 and the Geminids meteor shower
The orbit of Hayabusa 2 which is the successor of the asteroid explorer Hayabusa, which returned to the earth in 2010, and the orbit of the observation target Ryugu, and the Gemini, which is highly regarded as an astronomical show You can see meteor showers such as the meteor shower and the Perseid meteor shower.

* Of course, the Gemini meteor shower, which is said to have peaked nationwide from December 14 to 15, this weekend, can be reproduced.

■ Supports "PS4 Pro [maximum 120fps]"
With support for "PS4 Pro", which allows you to experience high-quality and comfortable images, you can now enjoy the starry sky that is more beautiful and realistic at "Maximum 120fps". In the omnidirectional mode, you can feel as if you are floating in outer space.

■ Product Overview
Title name: Home Star VR SPECIAL EDITION
Release Date / Delivery Date: December 12, 2019
Sales form: Package / Download
Genre: Planetarium for home use
Price: 3,500 yen [excluding tax]Compatible terminal: PlayStation VR
Number of players: 1
Language: Japanese, English

[C] 2019 Pocket [C] Ohira Tech [C] SEGATOYS

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