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Kappa Sushi will hold "Super Eve Festival 10days" from July 10th [Fri] to July 19th [Sun].
This is a pioneering event for the "Super Founding Festival" to be held on July 22, 2020, and will distribute coupons that will be 20% off food and drinks from the account for Kappa Sushi app members.

■I want you to have a good time

The Super Eve Festival 10days was decided to be held in a hurry with the thought that "Because it is under these circumstances, I would like you to come to the Kappa Sushi store and have a good time eating sushi full." From July 10th [Fri] to July 19th [Sun], Kappa Sushi app members will receive a 20% off coupon for food and drink in the store.

Also, on Kappa Sushi official Twitter, "Super Eve Festival 10days" Twitter gift campaign will be held at the same time. When you retweet the target campaign tweet [post], you will be given a prize according to the total number of retweets by lottery from among those who retweet. See Kappa Sushi official Twitter for details.

At Kappa Sushi, all employees are waiting for their arrival while taking measures to prevent the maximum spread of infection. If you are interested, let's enjoy "Super Founding Festival" and "Super Eve Festival 10days" that will be held after that.

Overview of "Super Eve Festival 10days"
・Period: July 10th [Friday] to July 19th [Sunday], 2020
・Contents: Limited to eating and drinking in the store for Kappa Sushi official app members
Deliver coupons that will be 20% OFF from the bill after 17:00
・Target stores: All Kappa Sushi stores
・Notes/Terms of Use:
*20% off from tax after tax. Only in-store food and beverages are applicable for customers who check in after 17:00. It can be used at the time of payment of 1,000 yen [tax included] or more per group.
*Cannot be used with all-you-can-eat. Cannot be used with other coupons. You cannot use multiple coupons in the Kappa Sushi app at the same time. However, meal tickets issued by Kappa Sushi can be used.

"Super Eve Festival 10days" Twitter Campaign Overview
・Period: From Wednesday, July 8, 2020 to Sunday, July 19th, 23:59
・Contents: Retweet the target campaign tweet [post].
A prize will be drawn from the people who retweet the prize according to the total number of retweets.
*Please check Kappa Sushi official Twitter for details.
Kappa Sushi Official Twitter:
・How to apply: Retweet the target campaign [post] on Kappa Sushi official Twitter account
・Winned product: 5000RT achieved Kappa Sushi meal ticket worth 1000 yen × 20 people
8000RT achieved Kappa sushi meal ticket worth 5000 yen × 5 people
Achieve 10,000 RT Kappa Sushi all-you-can-eat for 1 month × 1 person

"Super Eve Festival 10days"
"Super Eve Festival 10days" Twitter Campaign

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