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Dwango and Pixiv announced on Sunday, December 15, 2019, that the two companies will jointly host “Net Buzzword 100” at TUNNEL TOKYO, and that “Nijisanji” has been selected as an annual grand prize.

■ Decided to be the first internet buzzword award “Nijisanji”

This year ’s second edition of the “100 Internet Buzzwords” will be the annual grand prize for the most popular words on the Internet this year, based on the number of accesses in 2019 on each word page of the “Nico Nico Encyclopedia” and “Pixiv Encyclopedia”. In addition to the commendation, the niconico award, where niconico users think that the most popular word on the net this year is selected by questionnaire, the number tagged for works posted on pixiv in 2019 is the highest compared to 2018 Announced “Pixiv Award” to recognize the increased words.

“Nijisanji”, which was selected for this year ’s annual grand prize, is a virtual river group that belongs to the “Nijisanji Project” operated by Ichikawa. Livers are working on platforms such as YouTube and Nico Nico Channel, making full use of their individuality.

This year, each of the virtual librarians who played their part played an active role as influencers, so they moved up from the 9th place last year and were selected as the annual grand prize of the “net buzzword 100” in 2019.

In 2020, Tsukino Misaki and Higuchi Kaoru will each make major debuts, and Miyoshihara Era and Morinaka Hanasaki will be making major debuts as the unit “petit fleurs”, and attention will be paid to their success from next year onwards. ing.

The niconico award won't appear in the original manga at all, and the pixiv award was chosen for the manga “Devil's Blade” by Koharuharu Goh, who caused a huge boom this year. 6 words such as “Kamado Tanjiro” and “Hashira”, which refers to the top nine swordsmen in the organization “Kisatsutai” appearing in the work, are TOP20 I went in.

Also, in the niconico award, “Momo Chiyoda” appearing in the manga “Machi Kad Mazuku” said to “Shamiko”, not the words that seemed to say “Shamiko is bad” The other nominated word was the name of the character or the work, while “Shamiko is bad” was a line, and it was not official, so it became a hot topic on Twitter.

Announced the most popular words on the Internet this year “Internet Buzzword 100” Annual Grand Prix-2019-Award Ceremony Live Broadcast

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