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Japanese family restaurant "Washoku Sato", which has 207 stores in Japan, has started selling a new autumn / winter menu. In this new menu, we reviewed the product contents and prepared a new product with the idea of ​​"I want to deliver to customers the fun of eating out and the deliciousness of the dishes carefully prepared in the store."

■ Many products unique to family restaurants are available

"Washoku Sato" offers a large number of products that are unique to eating out and family restaurants, such as the fun of choosing your favorite menu from a wide variety of menus and the products that are delicious to look at and eat.
○ Lunch choice and Japanese set 898 yen (+ tax)

This is a recommended lunch-only product, and you can choose your favorite side dish from eight types.
Fried shrimp, hamburger steak, sashimi, fried oysters, roast beef, etc. A set of tempura, noodles, chawanmushi, etc. is a great deal for 898 yen (+ tax).


○ Duck soup soba 998 yen (+ tax)

Sato soba has become even more delicious.
It is a flavorful Nihachi soba made from buckwheat flour ground with a stone mill.
Let's eat fragrant roasted duck and onion with special soup. How free the buckwheat noodles are!



○ Hamburger steak and fried shrimp 1,298 yen (+ tax)

Sato's special hamburger steak is full of gravy and goes great with demiglace sauce.
Fried shrimp is a dish that is carefully breaded one by one in the store, and you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the shrimp with crispy crispy.
* No lunch sale


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