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Incorporating, utilizing, and storing paper documents generated in business into the business system, along with deploying a scanning environment at each site, training and maintenance of operation procedures for users, and changing / relocating sites, It is a big burden.
Based on such a situation, PFU Limited will start offering a subscription service "One Touch Scan Service" that realizes digitization of paper documents generated in the customer's field work and business cooperation.

■ Contribution to work style reform

The "one-touch scan service" provides an image scanner that digitizes paper documents and a cloud service linkage function for scan data as a subscription service that integrates device settings, delivery to customers' bases, operation and maintenance, and removal. .. As the first step of cloud service cooperation, it will provide cooperation with the expense settlement and management cloud "Concur Expense" and cloud content management "Box" provided by Concur, and will continue to expand it in the future.

Toda Corporation, which has a large number of on-site offices and starts and completes construction every day for a short period of time, aims to improve the efficiency of payment processing operations for invoices and receipts generated at work sites. We plan to use this service at 500 locations.

"PFU will contribute to the construction of digital workplaces and work style reforms by providing services / solutions that enable customers to digitize their operations. 』

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