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Tokyo Metro uses Satomi Ishihara as an image character to convey the appeal of Tokyo.Find my Tokyo. Campaign's fourth commercial in FY2019, “ Kinshicho 街 A city where the world and Nippon can be more connected, '' Special from Tuesday, January 7, 2020 10:00WEB siteOn January 8 (Wednesday), it will be released on the metro station premises and on the car display.

■ Experience the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe in Kinshicho, a city connected to the world

For this commercial, head to Kinshicho on the Hanzomon Line. Try topping ponzu with Egyptian national food at the Koshariya Copies with a special appearance by Mr. Nanae Takeuchi, and try carving experience carving Japanese patterns on fruits at the Thai Education and Cultural Center. Experience the charm of Kinshicho, a city where you can see the world and Japan more connected, by choosing your favorite from the Nordic design fabrics.

Takeuchi-san, who is a reporter of a TV show, is a bridge that conveys the culture of countries around the world to Japan. In the CM song, "SHISHAMO x Takeshi Kobayashi" sings "A cloudy night sky is a rainy forecast."

In January and March, an advertisement introducing the area around Kinshicho Station and Oshiage Station in Sumida-ku, and a special tie-up poster with the Tokyo Marathon 2020 in February. In addition to M and posters, the theme of “challenge” is to introduce various “Find experience / culture experience” (“You also challenge! Find my Tokyo.”) Unique to each area. Must-see "Challenge Video" by Mr. Ishihara, which is open to the public only on the special website / Tokyo Metro Station premises and on-board display!

■ Highlights of CM / posters
“Kinshicho” was introduced in the January commercial and poster. Some people may think of Kinshicho as a popular downtown area, but in fact it is a "city where the world and Japan can be more connected" where the cultures of each country and Japan are mixed.

Ishihara and Takeuchi visited Kinshicho on the Hanzomon Line. Head for the city to find new charms. At Koshari-ya Kopyi, where you can taste the national dish of Egypt, Takeuchi-san topped with ponzu in a pyramid-shaped koshari. Mr. Ishihara was surprised by the exquisite taste, saying “fit!”. After that, Mr. Takeuchi invited me to visit the Thai Education and Culture Center. Mr. Ishihara challenges carving with Japanese patterns in the “carving” experience of carving patterns on fruits. After finishing the delicate Japanese pattern, he was satisfied, saying, "I'm done!" At "MERIKOTI", where Ishihara-san went for her, select each other's favorite from among the fabrics of Scandinavian design!

Let's pay attention to the appearance of the two people enjoying the new charm of Kinshicho through walking around the city, and SHISHAMO who specially appear. On the special website, you can watch Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Takeuchi tasting the national food of Egypt, and watch a video of Mr. Ishihara who chooses a favorite from the cloths of the Nordic design.






Find my Tokyo.

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