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A special seminar entitled "New Businesses, Markets, and Investment Opportunities Opened up by Professional Sports ~ Mixi's Way of Thinking about Sports Business, Visibility ~" was held from November 27th [Friday] to November 29th [Sunday], 2020. .. The seminar was sponsored by UBS Wealth Management, which is developed by UBS Bank and UBS Securities Co., Ltd., and on the day of the seminar, he oversaw business growth of Chiba Jets, FC Tokyo, Yakult Swallows, etc. Mr. Koji Ishii and Mr. Atsuya Furuta, who is a player, chairman and director of the professional baseball player Yakult Swallows, and is currently active as a sports commentator, took the stage.

■ Sports business is a new business

Mr. Koji Ishii of mixi Co., Ltd. explained the sports business in mixi.
Mixi as an SNS is famous for mobile games such as Monster Strike, but emphasized that the sports business is not started to increase these users, but a new business started to make it the third pillar. did.

The game business is expanding the playground created by Monster Strike and shifting to a content-based business. The sports business is also working in the medium to long term to earn the trust of fans as a content business centered on sports. He explained that the game business is a big and highly volatile business if it hits, but sports is a long-tail type business so that baseball fans can go to the stadium, and it is the company's strength to be able to combine these as mixi. ..

Regarding the soccer business, taking Barcelona as an example, "Spain was economically difficult, but Barcelona was economically developed, invested and attracted tourists. The population is 1.6 million, more than 1.96 million in Sapporo. However, the number of searches on the Internet is 21 times that of Sapporo, and although Barcelona is a super-large city and the architecture of Gaudi is also on the Internet, FC Barcelona is overwhelming. He said, "Mixie also has Tokyo as its base, so FC Tokyo also gathers people and investments in the place where the city brand is improved on the Internet using soccer." We are working to grow it in the same way, "explained the relationship between the city and the sports business.

Regarding global expansion, "For those who have been difficult to contact until now, Western business players are showing interest in Southeast Asia, where economic activity has resumed since the new coronavirus, and requests for discussion are increasing. 4 Since the month of the month, about 50 new discussions have been held, and LinkedIn [Mr. Ishii himself] has about 1000 connections, and the number of people who are interested in Japan and Japanese soccer is increasing. In Vietnam, we are now able to form a business alliance with Saigon FC in Ho Chi Minh, "he said, although Mixy's awareness is lower than that of major companies, but overseas expansion through FC Tokyo is expanding. ..

Chiba Jets of B League, which is involved as an owner, also has more connections with Funabashi City and sponsor companies, new business opportunities are increasing, social credibility, recognition and brand are improving, sports business Revealed that it is growing as the third pillar of mixi.

■ What is the future of professional baseball?
Next, we invited Mr. Atsuya Furuta, a former professional baseball player and manager who is now active as a sports commentator, to talk about professional baseball.

Koji Ishii said that the Yakult Swallows are important in the center of Tokyo in urban sports baseball and lifestyle.

Mr. Atsuya Furuta has become less popular in the professional baseball business due to the history of professional baseball in Japan, the business centered on television broadcasting rights, and the issue of reorganization of the ball world, but after the entry of Rakuten and DeNA, etc. Last year, he gave an overview of the baseball business, which became so popular that tickets could not be obtained at Yokohama Stadium.

Mr. Atsuya Furuta has another chance in favor of the 16-team concept of professional baseball, and as Rakuten proved in Tohoku and Nippon Ham in Hokkaido, it is an attractive core while being concentrated in Tokyo. I explained the important things to make a city.
For example, Niigata City has a population of 800,000, but it is larger than Seattle, where Ichiro was, and is large enough to be lively. In addition, if there are 16 teams, it will be possible to divide the district, the travel cost will be reduced, and it will lead to the acquisition of fans who support the area, so it is a great advantage.

Regarding SoftBank's expansion into China, "Globally, soccer teams are often in the countryside, but fans are often all over the world, so local and global activities are needed," Ishii said. ..

Regarding the difference between Japan and global, where high school baseball is popular, Mr. Furuta said, "In the United States, just as college basketball is popular, there is a mindset overseas to support local football and baseball." Furthermore, in Japan, it is said that the appearance of locally raised players cheering when challenging the major leagues is a healthy form.

Regarding baseball as content, Mr. Ishii says that the number of baseball YouTubers is increasing, and new businesses are increasing, such as the number of users who tie up with manufacturers while having fun with grass baseball. There is also a sports study abroad program in China, but in China it is a minor sport baseball, but the playing population is larger than in Japan, and it seems that it will become a big market when YouTuber, China, and baseball OBs come in.

Regarding future professional baseball, Mr. Furuta said, "It is important to increase the number of repeaters, and it is necessary to expand it with new media. Baseball has many technical things such as throwing and hitting, so I will explain in detail. The Internet delivered to baseball fans is suitable. "
As an example, Mr. Furuta, who became a hot topic on YouTube, talked about a video that taught girls catching, "I happened to be asked to teach at an event I went to," he said, "A little trick. Fans will be pleased if they use media that can be viewed 1 million times just by teaching them. "


Mr. Koji Ishii, General Manager of Professional Sports Division of mixi, Inc. on the left, and Mr. Atsuya Furuta, a former professional baseball player and director who is currently active as a sports commentator, on the right.

■ From consumption to creation. More into the area. UBS Arena mission

Mr. Keiji Yamamoto of UBS Bank Wealth Management Headquarters, who moderated the special seminar, talked about sports initiatives at UBS.
UBS has sponsored a variety of competitions so far, but introduced to the NHL's New York Islanders that a new project has begun to support the stadium's naming rights in the form of "UBS Arena." ..

UBS Arena will develop the arena and its surroundings with an investment amount of 156 billion yen. This investment is expected to generate 2.6 trillion yen of economic activity in the surrounding area over the 20-year contract period. In terms of employment, construction will create 10,000 jobs and maintenance will create 3,000 jobs. Further pull in the station and spend 30% of the cost for minority participation. In addition, he explained that it is a project to create a city, not just to name the stadium, in close contact with the community, such as education.

Mr. Furuta said, "I hope that such cases will increase in Japan as well. I would like you to join us in Japan as well." Then, Mr. Ishii asked what would be possible to make such an investment in Japan. did.
Mr. Yamamoto said, "There is a tendency that sports and making money are not so connected, but it is important for various managers to think" how can sports be used in business for [own] core business ". "Sports is a business with a wide range of entry, including not only clubs and athletes, but also the locality of the community, human resources, technology, food, etc., and I want business owners to be aware of this," he said. I summarized it as if the seminar was the trigger.


Mr. Keiji Yamamoto of UBS Bank Wealth Management Headquarters who moderated the special seminar

This special seminar was a seminar that made me think about professional sports and related businesses.

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