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Yamareko, which provides SNS and map apps for mountaineering, has released a new "complication" that allows you to check the status of mountaineering on the dial of the Apple Watch. With Yamareco's complications, you can see your current pace, elevation graph, expected transit time, estimated descent time, and planned progress by simply tilting your arm and looking at your Apple Watch while climbing. By combining with the mountain climbing planning function of the smartphone map application and the mountain climbing map application of Apple Watch that have been provided so far, it will be possible to grasp the mountain climbing situation more accurately and proceed with mountain climbing safely. ..

■ The only mountain climbing map app in Japan that supports Apple Watch

The mountaineering map app "Yamareco" is the only mountaineering map app in Japan that supports Apple Watch.
Yamareco has released a new complication that can display the status of mountain climbing on the dial (watch face) of Apple Watch.


Apple Watch dial complications can be set freely Apple Watch dial complications can be set freely

Complication is a feature that allows you to display information from the iPhone app on the dial of your Apple Watch.
Yamareko has made it possible to display the status of mountain climbing on the dial by freely combining this complication.


When the app starts, the app screen is displayed, and when you press the crown, it returns to the dial.

The dial is the screen that appears on your Apple Watch when the app isn't running to the front.
When the app is on the front, you can return it to the dial by pressing "crown (digital crown)".


If you put the complication released by Yamareco on the dial, you want to know "elevation graph", "walking pace", "estimated passing time of the next point", "estimated descent time" even if the app is not running in front. "The progress of the schedule (%)" can be displayed.


The ability to combine multiple complications on the Apple Watch is a new addition to WatchOS 7 released by Apple in the fall of 2020.
However, until now, the world's major mountaineering apps (Alltrails, Gaia GPS, Outdooractive, Topo Maps +, Komoot, etc.) that support Apple Watch have not supported the ability to display mountaineering status with complications. ..

The function released this time that can display the status of mountain climbing on the dial by combining multiple complications is the world's first function. (According to the company)


You can see the climbing situation with or without launching the app

While climbing, if you combine the complications as described above and display the climbing status on the dial, you can use the Apple Watch as a dedicated watch for climbing.

The following six Yamareco complications can be used on the Apple Watch.
* This time, 5 new items other than the app icon have been added.

Elevation graph
1. Walking pace
2. Expected transit time
3. Expected descent time
4. Scheduled progress (%)
5. App icon

1. Elevation graph


Blue is the altitude graph of the planned route, pink is the altitude graph of the actual walking, and blue ○ is the current location.
If you register the planned route in advance, you can know how much you will climb in the future.

2. Walking pace


The walking pace displays how many times the standard course time is set to 1.0.
The smaller the number, the faster the walking pace, and the larger the number, the slower the walking pace.
By knowing the pace of mountain climbing that suits you, you will be able to plan a mountain climbing that is not overwhelming.

3. Expected transit time


When you register the planned route and start climbing, the estimated transit time of the next stopover (mountain peak, branch, etc.) is displayed based on the current walking pace.
For large-sized complications, the estimated time of descent is also displayed.

4. Expected descent time


When you register the planned route and start climbing, the estimated time to arrive at the goal point is displayed based on the current walking pace.

5. Scheduled progress


When you register the planned route and start climbing, the percentage of the planned walk is displayed in the horizontal movement distance.

6. App icon


A complication that launches the Yamareco app.

Main features of "Yamareko"
・ By downloading the map in advance, you can check the map and know your current location even in the mountains where radio waves are not connected.
・ You can check your current location, planned route, walking path, and "footprints of everyone".
・ If you deviate from the planned route, you will be warned by sound and vibration.
・ You can use the topographic map of the Geographical Survey Institute for domestic mountaineering and the Open Topo Map for overseas mountaineering.

About charges
・ Download of iOS app, Android "Yamareco" is free. (Some functions are limited. Premium plan 1 year 4900 yen)
・ Download of the Apple Watch version app is free. (Up to 1 map for free users, unlimited for premium plan users)

App "Yamareko"

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