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Wevnal Co., Ltd., which operates the chatbot service "BOTCHAN", has collaborated with Tabata University Co., Ltd., which operates the online salon "Tabata University", to reproduce the chatbot "Dr. Tabata" with Shintaro Tabata as a motif. @ Tabata University Hospital announced that it will start providing diagnostic services.

■ What is "Dr. Tabot"?

Dr. Tabot is a LINE official account-style chat with the motif of Shintaro Tabata (*), who has served as a senior executive officer of LINE and an executive officer of ZOZO, and is currently the head of the online salon "Tabata University". Bot. It was born through joint development between Tabata University Co., Ltd. and wevnal Co., Ltd.

With the recent spread of corona infection, the introduction of remote work is progressing, but due to neglected play from management by remote work, lack of communication, etc., it is not "medical collapse" but "guidance collapse" "cultivation collapse" "human resources collapse" The number of young business people who are worried about is increasing. "Dr. Tabot" @ Tabata University Hospital was developed to save such a situation.

* Shintaro Tabata: Engaged in the launch of many new media including the free magazine "R25", and has the nickname of "media bastard". With 230,000 followers on Twitter and over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, he is one of the best brands in the business industry. He has written many books, including "Future Money Textbooks". After becoming independent in 2019, he is currently an advisor to several venture companies and the head of the online salon "Tabata University".

■ What "Dr. Tabot" can do
Based on the user's thoughts, behavior patterns, occupations, etc. obtained through interviews, the user's business type is diagnosed free of charge. Prescribe advice according to type and recommended books.

In addition, book reviews of new business books recommended by Shintaro Tabata, quotes and sayings of Tabata, and information about the online salon "Tabata University" where Tabata is the head of the school will be provided free of charge through the bot.

In the near future, a 1: 1 career consultation service (charged) that meets Tabata through video calls will also be introduced through "Dr. Tabot" @ Tabata University Hospital.


(An example of diagnostic results. There are 24 patterns in total)

■ How to receive a diagnosis of "Dr. Tabot" (3 steps)
1. Register Dr. Tabot as a friend on LINE. Both URL and QR code are possible.

Click here for URL ↓

Click here for QR code ↓


2. Answer the interview from Dr. Tabot. There are 6 questions in total.



3. Receive the diagnosis result from Dr. Tabot.

Dr. Tabot special site

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