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Sanko Co., Ltd. said, "Ingredients and soup can be separated! "Electric lift grill pan" was released.
This product is an electric grill pan equipped with an electric lifting function. Pot capacity 3L (maximum water consumption 2L). A special colander is attached. It is possible to raise or lower the colander with the "up" and "down" buttons on the main body panel.

■ Thermal power can be adjusted in 5 stages

This product can be taken while checking the ingredients by setting and lowering soft ingredients that easily crumble, or raising the colander during cooking. Also, if you set soup stock such as bonito and kelp under the colander, you can separate it from the food you eat. The firepower can be adjusted in 5 stages. Steamed dishes are also possible if you put the ingredients on the colander, boil the water without lowering it, and cover it.


It can also be used as an ordinary grill pan without using a colander. In addition to the cooking mode, it also has a rice cooking mode. Rice can be cooked up to No. 2. With a lid that allows you to see the contents. Since the power plate of the base and the pot can be separated, it is easy to clean.


"Easy to pick up ingredients. You can set a soft concrete beautifully. Boiled edamame, steamed dishes and rice can be cooked. "Ingredients and soup can be separated! "Electric lift grill pan" ". 』

<Product features>
・ Electric grill pan with electric lifting function
・ Pot capacity 3L (maximum water consumption 2L)
・ You can move the colander freely with the ascend / descend button.
・ Five-stage thermal power adjustment
・ After use, you can remove the power plate and pot and wash it.
・ Equipped with rice cooking mode

・ Size / width 260 x height 230 x depth 290 (mm)
・ Weight / approx. 2240g
・ Rated input voltage / 100V
・ Rated frequency / 50 / 60Hz
・ Rated power consumption / 600W
・ Safety device / Overheat prevention function, thermal fuse
・ Pot capacity / 3L (maximum water consumption 2L)
・ Contents / body, lid, pot, colander, power plate, Japanese manual
・ Cable length / approx. 1320 mm
・ Package size / width 285 x height 290 x depth 250 (mm) / approx. 2766 g
・ Warranty period / 12 months from the date of purchase
・ Release date / 2021/01/12
・ Model number / S2LUADPB
・ JAN / 4562331786238

You can separate the ingredients and soup! "Electric lift grill pan"

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