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JVC KENWOOD Corporation is a 2021 model of the AV navigation system "TYPE S" series from the Kenwood brand, "MDV-S708L [8V type]" "MDV-S708W [200mm wide model]" "MDV-S708" A total of 3 models will be released from mid-January 2021.

The three new models have enhanced visibility of the map display, such as a driving 3D map that allows the 3D map display to be viewed from five depression angles, and a new dark mode that allows the background of the map information to be black. In addition to high-resolution playback, it also supports navigation-linked drive recorders. It is a high cost performance model that inherits the easy-to-read and beautiful map display with new functions and the various functions and operability that are popular in the series.

■ Planning background and product overview
The "TYPE S" series, which is in the popular price range but has higher-grade functions and equipment, is equipped with Aya speed technology that realizes high image quality and high-speed response, as well as playback of high-resolution sound sources that are popular in our high-end series. Corresponding, it has been well received as a model with high cost performance with entertainment characteristics, and it has become a core model in the "Ayasoku Navi" lineup.

A total of three models of Saisoku Navigation "MDV-S708L [8V type]", "MDV-S708W [200mm wide model]" and "MDV-S708" are 2021 models of this "TYPE S" series. In the new lineup, we will further pursue "easy to see and understand the map" that users place importance on when purchasing. A function to further enhance the highly expressive map display, which is one of the features of "Ayasoku Navi" Added.

Equipped with a driving 3D map that allows you to see the 3D map display from five depression angles, and a dark mode that makes it easy to see with road / text information and sharpness by using a black background for the map information. In addition, the number of 3D polygon landmark displays that reproduce buildings on a map with high-quality graphics has been greatly expanded from the conventional 400 locations to 1,200 locations. It enables a more visible, realistic and beautiful map description.

In addition, a new "Zone 30 area display" that allows you to recognize the speed regulation area of ​​30 km / h on a living road at a glance is installed, and by linking with our navigation-linked drive recorder, it is behind the navigation screen as an aid to the room mirror. The virtual room mirror that can display images in real time now supports dual screen display with map display. The functions to support safety and security have also been enhanced.

"We have inherited the support for high-resolution playback, which has been well-received so far, and the entertainment function that allows you to enjoy high-quality and high-quality images such as terrestrial digital broadcasting and DVDs, and by installing various new functions, it is more cost-effective. We propose it as "Ayasoku Navi" which is one class higher.

● Features of "MDV-S708L" [8V type model]1. 1. Equipped with an 8V type monitor that makes it easy to see the map in detail and enjoys terrestrial digital and DVD images on a powerful large screen
2. Dedicated 8V type escutcheon and installation kit for each model are available

● Main features of "MDV-S708W" [200mm wide model]・ Compatible with 200mm console

● Main features common to "MDV-S708L", "MDV-S708W" and "MDV-S708"
<Supports cooperation with the latest model "DRV-MN940B", a 2-camera drive recorder that supports front and rear shooting>

Car navigation product information

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Kenwood Car Navi Aya Speed ​​Navi 8 type MDV-S708L Dedicated Dora Reco cooperation Free map update / Full Seg / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Android & iPhone compatible / DVD / SD / USB / High resolution / VICS / Touch panel



Kenwood Car Navi Aya Speed ​​Navi 7-inch Wide MDV-S708W Dedicated Dashcam Linkage Free Map Update / Full Seg / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Android & iPhone Compatible / DVD / SD / USB / High Resolution / VICS / Touch Panel



Kenwood Car Navi Aya Speed ​​Navi 7-inch MDV-S708 Dedicated Dora-Reco Link Free Map Update / Full Seg / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Android & iPhone Compatible / DVD / SD / USB / High-Resolution / VICS / Touch Panel



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