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“& Drip” launch event

You can enjoy coffee at home at the coffee shop master's hand drip. The coffee maker that realizes such luxury is the new generation drip coffee maker “& Drip” that Coca-Cola Japan will release from December 6, 2019. Prior to the release of the product, a commemorative event was held at Futako Tamagawa Ashiya Electronics in Tokyo.

■ Enjoy delicious and aromatic coffee anytime

& Drip is a coffee maker that aims to taste the first coffee shop in Coca-Cola Japan. The coffee can be reproduced as if the master of the coffee shop was hand-drip with a single touch. In October of this year, a limited sale of 400 units on the crowdfunding site “Makuake” was sold out in just one week, which led to the official release from December 6, 2019.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 13,800 yen [excluding tax]. The color is composed of two colors, dark red and white. The sales channels will be sold at the & Drip brand site, Rakuten Ichiba [And Drip Store Rakuten Ichiba], Amazon [And Drip Store].

& N Drip was supervised by “nendo” led by global designer Ooki Sato. The point is a stylish design that matches the bookshelf at home. The design says that they want to relax and have a coffee in the living room, rather than having a quick coffee in the kitchen.

`` & Drip '' that can reproduce coffee from a coffee shop

“ & Drip '' which can reproduce coffee hand-dried by the master of the coffee shop

According to Reiko Fujii, Project Lead Senior Manager, New Business Development Headquarters, Coca-Cola Japan “Coffee beans are the type of roasting, or the optimal temperature and amount of hot water differ depending on the type of beans. I tried and tried the temperature and quantity. " & Drip capsules can be seen in various ways.

Mr. Atsuko Fujii Coca-Cola Japan

Mr. Atsuko Fujii, Project Lead Senior Manager, New Business Development Division, Coca-Cola Japan

It's surprising that coffee beans, filters, drippers, all these elements are contained in small capsules. The capsule material is a barrier material that protects delicate beans from oxidation and draws out a rich fragrance, and the oxygen concentration is kept below 1%.

It is a mechanism that keeps coffee beans in the optimum state until the moment when you press the & Drip button. If you look closely at the capsule, there is a groove on the side. It is a mechanism that uses this groove to extract coffee by swirling like a hand drip. It is said that it can extract the full flavor and sweetness of coffee.

The capsule lineup is
・ Regular Black
・ Latte [coffee, milk]・ Darjeeling tea scheduled to be released in February 2020
・ Ice coffee scheduled to be released in March 2020

4 types.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price [12 per box] 740 yen [excluding tax]. So it is 62 yen per cup. I'm glad it's cheaper than drinking canned coffee.
* Only 6 lattes for 12 cups

Other capsules will be developed based on user feedback.

■ Actually experience & Drip
At the touch & try corner, visitors could enjoy the coffee they made with “& Drip”. With regular black, you can peel off the sticker on the back of the capsule, place it on the & Drip body, and then press the button. A difficult operation was not necessary, and delicious coffee was made in about 60 seconds.

Latte sets milk capsules after coffee capsules. Compared to regular black, it took a while to complete, but a latte with fine bubbles like a coffee shop was completed.

Fine bubble latte made with & Drip

With & Drip, you can easily enjoy a latte like a coffee shop

■ If you notice, you are drinking coffee-Rena Takeshita-
In the talk session, Rena Takeshita, a mama model active in television and magazines, appeared as a special guest and talked about her coffee time.

“I like drinking coffee the most during the day. It ’s the most favorite time in my life,” says Reina Takeshita. The self-proclaimed coffee enthusiasts so much that "I may have about 5 cups a day". At home, he wakes up at 6am, drinks coffee, then relaxes for 30 minutes before starting the day. If you notice at work, you are drinking coffee.

“I'm really happy. I wanted to have a quick coffee, so [& Drip] was easy and ridiculous. It was easy and delicious and I was surprised,” he said.

During the talk, the host asked about items he wanted to enjoy with & Drip, and showed off his favorite blanket.

“If you have coffee in this way, children and dogs will come in, so it ’s already too happy and best,” Reina Takeshita answered with a smile. It is said that the best time is to enjoy coffee while sitting in a blanket while sitting down.

Mama model Rena Takeshita showing off her favorite blanket

Mama model Rena Takeshita showing off her favorite blanket

As you can see, you can understand that & Drip is an excellent way to enjoy the best coffee and latte at home at a reasonable price.

The Christmas season has come again this year. Why don't you add & Drip to one of your Christmas gift options as a reward for your daily support and yourself?

& Drip

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