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Sanko Co., Ltd. has released "Bucket Laundry, a compact washing machine that can use hot water." This product is a bucket-shaped compact washing machine that supports hot water. Diameter 315 mm x height 510 mm size. It weighs about 4.3 kg and can be easily carried. Set the bucket-shaped washing tub from above on the electric part that serves as the base, and you're done.

■ By using warm water, it is possible to strongly wash oil stains that are difficult to remove with water.

The washing capacity of this product is 1.8 kg. Put laundry, water or hot water (up to ~ 70 ℃), and detergent into the washing tub, and turn the timer and washing dial to rotate the pulsator of the main body and wash. Cleaning is performed by repeating the rotation alternately to the right and to the left.


Compatible with not only water but also hot water up to 70 degrees. By using warm water, it is possible to strongly clean oil stains that are difficult to remove with water. Since the bucket and electric part of the washing tub can be removed, the bucket can be lifted and drained easily. Also, after use, the electric part is stored in the bucket, so it can be stored compactly.


"I want to wash things that are particularly dirty. I want to wash it thoroughly with warm water such as fukin. "Bucket laundry", a compact washing machine that can use hot water, is recommended for such people. 』

<Product features>
・ Compact bucket type washing machine
・ Washing capacity 1.8kg
・ Can wash oil stains well with hot water up to 70 degrees
・ Drainage is easy because the bucket part can be removed.
・ The main body can be put in the bucket and stored compactly.

・ Size / Diameter 315 x Height 510 (mm)
・ Weight / 4.34kg
・ Standard washing capacity / 1.8kg (cloth mass when dried)
・ Rated voltage / 100V
・ Rated power consumption / 160W
・ Estimated electricity bill / approx. 51 yen per day (calculated assuming that the electricity bill per 1kWh is 27 yen, assuming use for 8 hours a day)
・ Rated frequency / 50 / 60Hz (shared)
・ Timer setting / ~ 15 minutes
・ Waterproof performance / IPX4
・ Power cord length / approx. 1.4m
・ Accessories / washing tub, electric part, lid, lid handle, water supply hose, Japanese manual
・ Warranty period / 12 months from the date of purchase
・ Release date / 2021/02/08
・ Model number / SBTMNWMB
・ JAN / 4562331785989

Compact washing machine "bucket laundry" that can use hot water

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