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Sanko Co., Ltd. has released "Portable Folding Pillow" Dara Dara Pillow "". This product is a foldable pillow and elbow rest that can be placed anywhere in the palm of your hand. The size is width 85 x height 137 x depth 155 (mm), and the height can be adjusted in 3 steps (about 6 cm / about 11 cm / about 14 cm). Withstand load 60 kg. You can put it on your desk and put your chin or arm on it to relax.

■ Folding pillow & elbow holder that can be placed

The upper part of this product is a soft cushion material, which makes it comfortable to use for a long time. You can enjoy it for a long time with a comfortable system by using it when operating games and smartphones. It can also be stored in a drawer when not in use. It can be used not only as a desk but also as an elbow rest in a car.



"Portable folding pillow" Dara Dara Pillow "is recommended for those who want to operate games and smartphones in a comfortable position and want a small pillow for a nap break. 』

<Product features>
・ Compact palm-sized pillow and elbow rest
・ Three-step height adjustment
・ Soft cushion material
・ Can be stored in a drawer when not in use
・ Can be used in cars

・ Size / width 85 x height 137 x depth 155 (mm)
・ Weight / 354g
・ Accessories / main body, Japanese manual
・ Height adjustment / 3 steps (approx. 6 cm / approx. 11 cm / approx. 14 cm)
・ Load capacity / 60kg
・ Material / ABS, artificial leather
・ Package size / width 100 x height 170 x depth 70 (mm)
・ Weight including package / 397g
・ Warranty period / 6 months
・ Release date / 2021/2/10
・ Model number / CDYA21B
・ JAN / 4580060591046

Portable folding pillow "Dara Dara Pillow"

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