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Mos Food Service Co., Ltd., which develops Mos Burger, is selling "Macken Cheese & Croquette" and "Navel Cola <using 0.4% navel orange juice>" at Mos Burger stores nationwide (excluding some stores) for a limited time. Until the end of March 2021.

■ Innovative hamburger with unprecedented taste

The new product "Macaroni Cheese & Croquette" is a combination of typical Western home-cooked dishes and croquettes, nicknamed "Mac and Cheese * 1" (Mac and Cheese). A novel hamburger with a unique taste. According to an independent survey, "McKen cheese" is a cheese dish that about 88% of Japanese people do not know yet. Therefore, this time, by expanding it nationwide as a hamburger with a Moss style arrangement, we will deliver a sense of surprise and excitement so that you can discover a new food culture.
* 1 A type of gratin-style dish of boiled macaroni entwined with cheese sauce.

210127_ Macken cheese & croquette (tool image)

This time, "Macken Cheese & Croquette" is a Japanese side dish, croquette, combined with Mos Burger's special meat sauce to add depth to the taste. In addition, the rich "Macken cheese" was used as a sauce, and the plum paste of Kishu Minamitakaume was added as a secret ingredient to arrange it for a familiar taste. As a chain born in Japan, Mos Burger, which has valued Japanese food culture, is a hamburger that combines Japanese and Western styles, and the combination of hot croquette and smooth "Macken cheese" is also recommended for takeout.

At the same time, "Navel Cola <using 0.4% navel orange juice>" was designed with consideration for compatibility with "Macken cheese & croquette". A refreshing carbonated drink that combines cola with syrup using navel orange, which has a strong sweetness and aroma and a strong citrus flavor. You can also choose it as a drink on a great set menu, so you can enjoy an exquisite combination with the rich "Macken cheese & croquette".

○ "Macken cheese & croquette" (436 yen + tax)

On top of the green leaf, I put a hot croquette and sprinkled plenty of moss special meat sauce and rich Macken cheese sauce. By adding grain mustard to the finish, the overall taste is tightened and you can eat until the end without getting tired. The croquette is simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and you can feel the sweetness of the potatoes.

The Macken cheese sauce is based on chicken bouillon and dried bonito powder, using cheddar cheese and gouda cheese, and has a crispy texture with lotus roots cut into dice. By adding the plum paste of Kishu Nanko Ume as a secret ingredient, the taste of cheese is enhanced. A hot and voluminous burger perfect for the cold season.

○ "Navel cola <uses 0.4% navel orange juice>" (S size 213 yen + tax, M size 269 yen + tax, L size 334 yen + tax)

210127_ Navel Cola <Uses 0.4% Navel Orange Juice>

A refreshing carbonated drink made by dividing syrup using navel orange and lemon from Setouchi with cola * 2. Navel orange and lemon are made into a flavorful syrup by using not only fruit juice but also pulp and skin. In addition, we added domestically produced Satsuma mandarin oranges (grains) to add a crushed texture. The refreshing acidity of navel oranges and lemons makes the cola go great with the rich "McKen cheese & croquette". It can also be selected as a drink on a great set menu.
* 2 Honey is used.

<New product overview>
Product name / price: "Macken cheese & croquette" (436 yen + tax)
"Navel cola <uses 0.4% navel orange juice>"
(S size 213 yen + tax, M size 269 yen + tax, L size 334 yen + tax)
Sale period: February 10, 2021 (Wednesday) to late March * Limited time offer
Stores: Mos Burger stores nationwide (excluding some stores)

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