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Sanko Co., Ltd. has released "Bogie for climbing electric stairs with attachments for fittings, tatami mats, and building materials." This product is a set of electric trolleys, fittings, tatami mats, and attachments for building materials that allow you to climb up and down the "stairs" with the touch of a button. On the back of a medium-sized push cart, there is an electric running belt that allows you to go up and down stairs, and a telescopic handle that stabilizes transportation.

■ Easy transportation of fittings, tatami mats, and building materials

This product can be used by changing the angle of the handle, and can be moved in a position that is easy to hold. A dolly that can be pushed smoothly on level ground and can easily climb stairs. Includes fittings, tatami mats, and attachments for building materials. It is possible to easily transport fittings, tatami mats, and building materials.


The maximum load capacity is 160 kg (100 kg when using the attachment, height 2 m). The slope angle of the movable stairs is 35 degrees. Intuitive operation is possible by simply pressing the up button and down button. Safety design that stops on the spot when the button is released. Even women can easily operate it, and even weak women can easily carry it. The power supply is a battery-powered cordless type. It can be used for a long time, about 80 minutes *. * When 80 kg of luggage is loaded


<Product features>
・ A set of trolleys and attachments for climbing electric stairs
・ Easy to carry fittings, building materials, and tatami mats
・ Electric trolley that can move up and down stairs electrically
・ Easy to operate with buttons
-Variable handle that can be fixed in an easy-to-use position
・ Compact size that can be used even on narrow stairs
・ Maximum load capacity 160 kg When using attachments Maximum load capacity 100 kg
・ Battery type that can be used by charging from a household outlet

◆ A dolly that climbs electric stairs
・ Size / width 515 x depth 780 x height 1170 (mm)
・ Weight / 29kg (excluding battery)
・ Maximum load capacity / 160kg
・ Loading platform size / width 460 x depth 600 x height 900 (mm)
・ Handle pole / 2-step adjustment (maximum extension of 548 mm)
・ Maximum staircase angle / 30-35 degrees
・ Ascending / descending speed / ascending: approx. 28 steps 8.6m / min, descending: approx. 28 steps 8.6m / min
・ Motor / Output / 24V 120W
・ Battery / rated voltage: 24V Rated current: 10A Rated power consumption: 240W Battery capacity: 15.6Ah
Charging time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours Continuous use time Approximately 80 minutes (when 80 kg of luggage is loaded)
・ Charger / Input: 100-240V, 50 / 60HZ 2.5A Output: 29.4V 2A
・ Usage durability standard / Go up and down the 6-story stairs once (once a day), about 1800 times
・ Contents / Main body (battery included), nylon belt (194 cm), buckle, load tightening belt (400 cm) Japanese instruction manual
・ Package size ・ Width 1260 x Depth 580 x Height 290 (mm)
・ Package weight ・ (including contents): 34kg
・ Warranty period ・ 12 months

◆ Attachments for fittings, tatami mats, and building materials
・ Size / Attachment: Width 580 x Height 750 x Depth 85 (mm)
Plate: Width 440 x Height 25 x Depth 600 (mm)
・ Weight / 6.92kg
・ Accessories / Attachments, pedestal plate, 8 screws, 8 wing nuts, 4 eyebolts, 4 small plates, 1 large plate, Japanese instruction manual
・ Load capacity / height 2m Recommended weight up to 100kg * To maintain weight balance
・ Package size / width 780 x height 65 x depth 570 (mm)
・ Weight including package / 7.76kg
・ Warranty period / 12 months from the date of purchase
・ Release date / 2021/2/19

A dolly for climbing electric stairs with attachments for fittings, tatami mats, and building materials
Attachments for trolleys, tatami mats, and building materials that climb electric stairs

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