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Sanko Co., Ltd. has released "Ie Naka Secret Base Tent", a comfortable space for one person. This product is a rectangular tent that can be assembled to easily create a private space. Insert the steel pole and joint to make a frame, and cover it with the fabric (cover) to complete it.

■ Size that adults can afford to sleep

The size of this product after completion is 93 height x 188 total length x 90 cm width. It is a size that adults can afford to sleep. Structure with mesh on 3 sides and open bottom. Two curtains are attached, and you can attach the curtain to one side, front or back. Covers and curtains can be washed completely.


"I want a private space. I want to settle down in a small space. I want to concentrate. I want a space where I can put my favorite things like a secret base. It is a recommended" house Naka base tent "for such people."


<Product features>
・ A rectangular tent that creates a private space just by placing it
・ Height 93 x total length 188 x width 90 cm size for adults to sleep
・ Can be stored compactly when not in use as an assembly type
・ Three-sided mesh
・ Curtain included
・ Covers and curtains can be washed completely

・ Size / height 93 x total length 188 x width 90 (mm)
・ Weight / approx. 3014g
・ Material: 100% polyester, steel
・ Set contents / cover, 2 curtains, 28 poles, 22 curtain hooks, 8 joints, body case, Japanese manual
・ Warranty period / 6 months from the date of purchase
・ Packing size / width 21 cm x total length 81 cm x height 16 cm / 3.6 kg
・ Release date / 2021/02/22
・ Model number / CPSSBTNV
・ JAN / 4580060590292

Comfortable space for one person "House Naka Secret Base Tent"

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