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Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. has released the "MM-BTSH55BK" headset with a charging cradle that is equipped with a noise canceling function and enables clear calls.

■ Equipped with noise canceling function

"MM-BTSH55BK" is a Bluetooth headset with a charging cradle equipped with a noise canceling function.


The microphone is equipped with a noise canceling function that reduces ambient noise and allows you to clearly convey your voice to the other party, allowing you to make comfortable calls. By using the attached external microphone, you can bring the microphone closer to your mouth and the call will be stable. Also, because it is a binaural headset, you can concentrate on calls and web conferences.


It comes with a charging cradle that can be left upright when not in use.


There are two charging methods, one is to install it in the attached cradle and the other is to connect it to a microUSB cable. If the battery runs low during use, you can charge it while using it by connecting it to a microUSB cable, which is convenient for long-term meetings.


The soft ear pads and headband provide a comfortable fit without pressure on your ears. It weighs only 158g, so you can spend a long time comfortably without getting tired.


It supports low latency [apt-X LL] and high sound quality [apt-X HD] codecs, and is also recommended for use as headphones for music playback and games.

Headset with charging cradle "MM-BTSH55BK"

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