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Sanko Co., Ltd. has released "Adult Interior" Vending Machine Type Cold and Hot Storage "". This product is a vending machine type cold and warm storage where drinks come out when you press a button. The size of the main body is width 250 x height 430 x depth 420 mm and can be placed in a room. Can store up to 9 350ml cans. It has a three-tiered structure, and you can take out your favorite drink from the outlet by pressing each button.

■ Simple design that can be enjoyed as an interior

The temperature inside the refrigerator is about 7 to 8 degrees (ambient temperature 24.5 degrees, which varies depending on the ambient temperature), and drinks can be cooled. If you set it to HOT on the operation panel, it is possible to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator at 46 to 47 degrees Celsius (when the outside temperature is 24.5 degrees Celsius). Compatible with household outlets and car cigar socket power supplies. You can enjoy it as an interior with a simple design.


"I want to have a cold drink without going to the fridge. I like the feeling of pressing a button on a vending machine. I want to have a hot drink in winter. It is a "vending machine type cold and hot storage" recommended for such people. 』


<Product features>
・ Your own vending machine that can be placed in the room
・ 9 350ml cans (3 steps x 3) can be set.
・ Press the button to take out the selected drink from the outlet.
・ The temperature inside the refrigerator is about 7 to 8 degrees, and you can cool the drink.
・ Equipped with HOT mode that can keep drinks warm at a temperature of about 46 to 47 degrees
・ Comes with a cigar socket cable and can be used in a car
・ LED that makes it easy to take out drinks even in a dark room

・ Size / width 250x depth 430x height 420 (mm)
・ Weight / 5850g
・ Rated input voltage / AC100V DC12V
・ Rated frequency / 50 / 60Hz
・ Rated power consumption / AC cold insulation / heat insulation 65W ・ DC cold insulation / heat insulation 53W
・ Storage capacity / 9 350ml cans
・ Cooling / heating method / Peltier type (electronic type)
・ Internal temperature / cold storage 7-8 ℃ / heat retention 46-47 ℃ (at outside temperature 24.5 ℃) Varies depending on the ambient temperature.
・ Accessories / main unit, AC power cable, DC (cigar socket) power cable,
Tray, Japanese manual
・ Package size / width 455 x depth 285 x height 460 (mm)
・ Warranty period / 12 months from the date of purchase
・ Release date / 2021/03/10
・ Model number / 21SCSMVB
・ JAN / 4580060591299

Adult interior "vending machine type cold and hot storage"

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