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The direct sales site "Sanwa Direct" operated by Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. has released a super slim theater bar and subwoofer set "400-SP094" that has a high output of up to 200W and supports Bluetooth connection.

■ Slim design with high sound quality / high output

This product is a set of a slim design, high-quality sound / high-output soundbar speaker, and a wirelessly connected subwoofer.


The subwoofer is wirelessly connected to the soundbar and can be installed in any position.


And with a slim design sound bar with a height of about 45 mm, it can be installed without disturbing the design of the TV and the remote control function.


The sound bar has a practical maximum output of 100W (woofer section / 12.5W x 4, tweeter section / 25W x 2), and a subwoofer has a practical maximum output of 100W, for a total of 200W. Powerful high-quality sound is reproduced by combining two tweeters for high-pitched sound in the sound bar, four woofers for mid-low range reproduction, and a wireless subwoofer dedicated to low-pitched sound reproduction.



It is HDMI / ARC compatible and can be output from the soundbar speaker using the ARC function of the compatible device.


It also supports AUX (3.5mm stereo jack) input, optical digital / coaxial digital input, and RCA pin plug (red and white) input, and supports various audio inputs. Since it also supports Bluetooth Ver2.1-4.2, you can enjoy music with high sound quality by wirelessly transmitting music from your smartphone or tablet.


The size of this product is sound bar / approx. W900 x D86 x H45 mm, subwoofer / approx. W150 x D220 x H320 mm, and the weight is sound bar / approx. 2 kg, subwoofer / approx. 2.8 kg.

Theater bar and subwoofer set "400-SP094"

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