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Tombstone Yashiro Co., Ltd. conducted a "grave consciousness survey" for middle-aged and older people aged 40 and over in the city center in order to pursue the ideal memorial service, and summarized the results. The "Awareness Survey on Tombs" will start in 2020, and this year will be the second year.

○ Nearly 60% of middle-aged and elderly households living in Osaka City answered that they do not have a grave to enter or do not know if there is a grave.
When asked about the existence of a grave for themselves to live in Osaka City, 44.3% answered "No" and 15.4% answered "I don't know", and about 60% of households lost their "grave to enter". It turned out to be. Compared to the survey conducted in the spring of 2020 in the entire Osaka prefecture, the result was about 10% higher.


○ Nearly 70% of households in their 40s in Osaka City may be “lost in the grave”
By age group, 47.9% of households in their 40s answered "I don't know" and 21.4% answered "I don't know", indicating that nearly 70% of households may have lost their graves.


○ Approximately 30% of households answered that there is a possibility of moving ancestral graves
When asked about the reburial of inherited graves from households [in Osaka city] that have graves inherited from their ancestors, "I am thinking about reburial [6.9%]" and "I may reburial in some cases [25.7%]." In about 30% of households, there was a possibility of reburial, which tended to be higher than in the entire prefecture.


○ More than 10% of households in their 40s are thinking about renovating their graves than households in their 60s.
In particular, among households in their 40s, about 40% of households said that they were thinking about reburial [7.5%] and that they might reburial in some cases [32.5%]. It was found that the younger the household, the more people are thinking about renovation.


○ Among the grave types of interest, "Eternal memorial tombs and graves" ranked first, followed by "Donai graveyard".
In "Types of graves of interest", "Eternal memorial tombs / graves [46.7%]" and "Locker-type ossuary" are ranked high in addition to "Cemetery in the hall". It was found that there is a strong tendency to seek "no anxiety in the future" and "convenience and comfort".


○ One in four people are interested in "Donai Cemetery". Emphasis on "permanent memorial service," "no burden on children and grandchildren," and "convenience and comfort."
When we surveyed the interest in the "Donai Cemetery" provided by Yashiro, mid 20% answered that they were "interested". "Points of interest" include "a memorial service for a long time [35.2%]" and "no burden on children and grandchildren [30.6%]". There is a high level of interest in convenience and comfort, such as "a short walk from the station [26.3%]", "convenient and comfortable indoor graveyard [25.9%]", and "no cleaning [24.6%]". It seems.


<Survey outline>
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey schedule: December 9-13, 2020
Survey target: Men and women in their 40s or older living in Osaka City [n = 1,862] * Survey of "grave" interest items from survey subjects to "Donai Cemetery" interest groups [n = 398 people]

<Comparative survey>
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey schedule: 20th-21st, April 4, 2020
Survey target: Men and women over 50 years old living in Osaka prefecture [n = 8,886 people]

Cemetery Co., Ltd. ・ Tombstone Yashiro

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