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LIXIL Corporation has developed a foam shower "KINUAMI U" that generates high-density foam and provides a new bathing experience, with NITTO CERA, a subsidiary of LIXIL, as the executor. From Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the project started with the support purchase service "Makuake" that utilizes the crowdfunding mechanism. Prior to the start of the project, a bubble shower "KINUAMI U" experience session was held for the press, so let's deliver the pattern.

■ I want to make the shower time more special and comfortable

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the world is shifting to a remote society at a stretch, and the time spent at home is increasing more than ever, so how can we spend our time at home comfortably? Consumer interest is increasing. Based on such a situation, "KINUAMI U" wants to provide a new bathing experience that is not a bathtub or shower bath by generating high-density bubbles, and make daily shower time more special and comfortable. ing.

"KINUAMI U" is based on the product specifications, design, installation method, etc., referring to the interview survey with the supporters of "KINUAMI" who succeeded in crowdfunding at the same "Makuake" in the spring of 2019. It is an improved product that is easy for many people to use. The high-density "silk foam" automatically generated from the shower head wraps the whole body and not only warms it, but also allows you to wash your body easily and gently. In addition, since it contains moisturizing ingredients, it is possible to take in continuous whole body care without breaking the routine of life.

According to the person in charge
・ People who want to enrich their daily lives
・ People who are interested in skin care
・ People who need to wash someone
Anyone who falls under any of these three categories should definitely use it.

Key visual_family_male_children

Installation of "KIN UAMI U" is easy. The back side of the main body is a magnet surface. Many unit baths have a steel plate embedded inside the wall so that magnets can be attached to them, so the main body can be easily installed at the user's favorite position. In addition, two water supply hoses that connect to the faucet and a water discharge hose that connects to the dedicated shower extend from the main body, making it a simple design that anyone can easily install.


The main body of "KINU AMI U" is attached to the unit bath by the magnetic force of the magnet.

■ Dense and warm silk foam wraps your skin

After listening to the explanation of the person in charge, I experienced "KINUAMI U".
When you lower the shower head switching lever, the normal shower switches to "foam generation mode", and silk foam wraps around your skin. In this state, gently rub the foam for 3 minutes to wash. After that, about 3 minutes later, the bubbles will be washed away in the normal "shower mode".

When the silk foam wraps around the skin, it feels warm and comfortable, and it was a new bathing experience that has never been seen before in a bath or shower. I'm also happy that the shower time, which only removes dirt, becomes a time for skin care.


Dense and warm silk foam wraps around the skin.

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I'm spending more time at home because of the corona sickness. Why don't you spend a little extravagant time at "KIN UAMI U"?

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