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AEON Group's Origin Toshu Co., Ltd., which operates bento and side dish specialty stores "Kitchen Origin" and "Origin Bento," has increased its volume from 10:00 on April 2, 2021 (Friday), "Katsudon" and "Tonkatsu". "Lunch box" is sold.

■ The popular Katsudon has been refined in flavor and richness.

Origin's "Tonkatsu" has increased in volume with a 20% increase in meat weight.
"Katsudon" is a renewal of the bowl sauce. Using bonito flakes from Yaizu and Rishiri kelp soup stock, the flavor and richness were refined. Rice goes well in "Katsutoji", which is soaked in sauce.


"Tonkatsu bento" has a crispy batter. Please enjoy with rich pork cutlet sauce.
Please enjoy the new "Katsudon" and "Tonkatsu Bento". 』
* 20% increase in meat weight before frying.

<Product overview>
○ Katsudon body price 490 yen (tax included price 529.20 yen)

○ Tonkatsu bento body price 490 yen (tax included price 529.20 yen)


Kitchen Origin / Origin Bento All Stores

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