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The direct sales site "Sanwa Direct" operated by Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. is a laptop-integrated mobile display that can be attached to a laptop computer, spread out quickly, and can be stored immediately and used in various places. 400-LCD001N "has been released.

■ Can be used as a sub-display

This product is a 12.5-inch IPS liquid crystal display that can be attached to a laptop computer and used as a sub-display.


There are two types of connection methods: "DisplayPort Alt mode" that allows you to connect with a single USB Type-C cable, and "USB connection mode" that allows you to connect to a computer equipped with a USB A or Type-C (video output not possible) port.


No driver software installation is required when connecting to USB Type-C (DisplayPort Alt mode). When connecting to a USB A or Type-C (video output not possible) port, install and use the driver software. The display has a full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, which is convenient for work, and is a non-glare specification that is difficult to reflect.


It supports both replication mode and extended mode.


The display can be rotated 180 °, allowing presentations with the display facing the other side.


It can be attached to the back of a laptop computer and installed on the left and right sides of the main display. By combining the two products with the included clips, it is possible to attach displays to both the left and right sides of the laptop computer.


Brightness can be easily adjusted by mounting a brightness button on the side.


The size of this product is about W328 x D17 x H220mm (when closed) and the weight is about 755g.

Laptop integrated mobile display "400-LCD001N"

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