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Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. will release cupped instant noodles "Red Tanuki Ten Udon" and "Green Kitsune Soba" for a limited time nationwide from April 12, 2021. In addition, along with the product launch, the "Red Tanuki / Green Kitsune Release Commemorative" Red-Green Mistake Search "" campaign will be held from April 12, 2021 (Monday) to April 21, 2021 (Wednesday).

■ End in the form of reconciliation

In the "Which one are you !? Eat, compare and vote!" Campaign that started in 2018, "Red Kitsune" won the victory for the second consecutive year, and "Red Tanuki Ten Udon" and "More Red Tanuki" that were listed in the manifest. "Ten Udon" has been released.

In the red-green battle, which was the final battle in the third year, the number of votes for "Red Kitsune" was 8,884, the percentage of votes was 49.5%, the number of votes for "Green Tanuki" was 9,065, and the percentage of votes was 50.5%. "Green Tanuki Tensoba" won the first victory with 181 votes and 1 point of voter turnout. This time, we celebrated each other's good fights and ended in the form of reconciliation, so in commemoration of that "reconciliation", we released new products of collaboration between the two, "Red Tanuki Ten Udon" and "Green Kitsune Soba". It was decided to do.

■ Product overview
"Red Tanuki Ten Udon"
The chewy udon is matched with the soup stock made with Japanese-style soup stock of bonito and various seafood. The ingredients are tempura based on the small shrimp tempura that is familiar with "Green Tanuki Tensoba", and fried "Red Kitsune Udon" fried in a size that is easy to eat. ..


"Red Tanuki Ten Udon"

"Green Kitsune Soba"

In addition to the smooth and elastic soba, we use bonito-flavored soup with a modest sweetness so that even if the ingredients are changed to fried, it will be close to the taste of "green tanuki". The ingredients include juicy fried noodles on "Red Kitsune Udon" and small shrimp tempura, which is also used as a topping for "Green Tanuki Tensoba" tempura.


"Green Kitsune Soba"

■ "Red Tanuki / Green Kitsune Release Commemorative" Red-Green Mistake Search "" Campaign Overview

In commemoration of the launch of "Red Tanuki Ten Udon" and "Green Kitsune Soba", we conducted a mistake search with 4 products of "Red Kitsune", "Green Tanuki", "Red Tanuki" and "Green Kitsune". If you quote and retweet the post in response to the spot the difference on the official Twitter, you will get 1 case of "red tanuki" and "green fox" products (6 red tanuki and 6 green fox) by lottery from the correct answerers. It is a gift campaign for 20 people.


"Red Tanuki / Green Kitsune Release Commemorative" Red-Green Mistake Search "" Campaign

Application method

1. Follow the official Twitter account for the Red-Green Battle (@dotti_akamidori)
2. # Red tanuki and green fox and answer the spot the difference and quote the specified tweet Retweet
* 1 and 2 Those who meet all the conditions are eligible for the prize. Simply quoting and retweet the tweet does not complete the application.

Application benefits
Twenty people will be selected by lottery from among the correct answerers looking for mistakes, and one case of the product (six meals of red tanuki and six meals of green fox) will be won.

Application period
From Monday, April 12, 2021 10:00 to Wednesday, April 21, 2021 23:59
* The lottery results will be notified only to the winners from April 26, 2021 (Monday) to April 30, 2021 (Thursday).
* Application benefits will be shipped in mid-May 2021.

Qualification requirements
・ You must be following the official Twitter account for the Red-Green Battle "@dotti_akamidori".
・ Retweet the target post while following the official Twitter account "@dotti_akamidori" of the Red-Green Battle.
・ Applications are limited to those residing in Japan.

"Red Tanuki / Green Kitsune Release Commemorative" Red-Green Mistake Search "" Campaign

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