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Oyatsu Company Co., Ltd. has released "Butamen [Uma Spicy Tonkotsu Flavor]" as a new flavor of "Butamen", which is loved in the right size to fill Kobara.

■ A new taste that expands the enjoyment of choosing

Since its launch in 1993, "Butamen" has been loved for its authentic taste that makes it hard to believe that it is a candy, and the size that is just right for filling Kobara. For club activities and hungry peko at the end of cram school, a rich and creamy "tonkotsu taste". When you want to take a step further after eating a midnight snack, the spicy and stimulating scent of "curry taste". When lunch isn't enough, it's a simple yet tasty soy sauce flavor. I want to eat it! In such a case, one of the charms of beef tongue is that you can choose the taste according to the kibun and the scene, such as "tan salty taste". A new flavor "Uma Spicy Tonkotsu Flavor" will be added to the lineup of such pork bones. Based on the immovable and popular "Tonkotsu taste", it has a punchy taste with added umami and spiciness.

<Product overview>
Product name: Butamen [Uma spicy tonkotsu flavor]Contents: 37g [30g noodles]Price: Open price [estimated store price: around 86 yen including tax]Release date: April 12, 2021 [Monday] Convenience stores, general supermarkets, etc. nationwide
* Handling status varies depending on the company and store.

Tonkotsu flavor, soy sauce flavor, curry flavor, tonkotsu flavor, and spicy tonkotsu flavor are added, and you can choose from 5 types of "Butamen". Unique product. We are delivering a lot of contents that you can enjoy "Butamen" even more, such as a little addition recipe that expands the way to enjoy "Butamen" and a game that you can enjoy while waiting for 3 minutes with hot water. For details, check out the special site "Butamen Paradise"! Now, what kind of taste and how to enjoy it today?


■ The name of the pigmen character has been decided as "Butamen-kun"!

A pig character that has appeared on the package since its release in 1993. Actually, I didn't have a name … Therefore, in order to decide the real name of this character by everyone's vote, we held a name decision voting campaign on Twitter. We received a large number of applications, and the name was decided on "Butamen-kun", who received the most votes!


[The results of the votes are as follows] 1. 1. Butamen-kun 40%
2. 2. Boothke 28%
3. 3. Butanosuke 20%
4. Butappy 12%

"'Butamen-kun' will continue to convey the joy of'Butamen'that cannot fit in the mini-cup size of'Butamen' through product packaging and web content."

Butamen Paradise

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Oyatsu Company Cup Butamen Tonkotsu 37g x 15

Oyatsu Company

Oyatsu Company Cup Butamen Assortment

Oyatsu Company

Oyatsu Company Cup Butamen Curry 37g x 15

Oyatsu Company

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