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Monte Rosa Co., Ltd., which operates restaurants nationwide centered on izakaya "Shirokiya" and "Uomin," has been conducting a "1,000 yen OFF campaign" at 1,303 stores nationwide that handle EPARK takeout. It was decided to extend until the 31st of May (Monday). If the amount of one order is 3,000 yen or more including tax and you use the EPARK coupon "MCP531", you can get a discount of 1,000 yen from the checkout "up to 33% OFF".

■ Popular takeout!

The EPARK takeout "1,000 yen OFF campaign" that was held for a limited time until May 11, 2021 (Tuesday) has been extended to May 31, 2021 (Monday) due to its popularity. At the shop, you can enjoy the juicy winged "Kurobuta Gyoza" which is full of gravy from the Kyushu cuisine "Yamauchi Farm" and the "Goma Madai Pickled Rice Bowl" which is a luxurious dish of the current season of red sea bream from "Ginji" You can take out popular menus. In addition, the "Kagoshima Prefecture Unadon (with liver sucking)" from the izakaya "Uomin" is recommended for generations who are a little bit tired in early summer.


The EPARK takeout "1,000 yen OFF campaign" has been well received and will be extended until May 31, 2021 (Monday)!

■ Popular products recommended at this time

〇 "Ginji of connoisseur" sent directly from the production area
Pickled sesame red sea bream bowl 841 yen including tax (large rice + 50 yen including tax)
<EPARK takeout "Connoisseur Ginji" brand page>


Directly from the production area "Ginji of connoisseur" Sesame red sea bream pickled rice bowl 841 yen including tax (large rice + 50 yen including tax)

〇Kyushu cuisine "Yamauchi farm"
Black pork dumplings with wings 627 yen including tax
<EPARK takeout "Yamauchi Farm" brand page>


Kyushu cuisine "Yamauchi farm" black pork dumplings with feathers 627 yen including tax

〇Izakaya "Uomin"
Kagoshima Prefecture Unadon (with liver sucking) 1,707 yen including tax
<EPARK takeout "Uomin" brand page>
* Not available at some stores.

Izakaya "Uotami" Kagoshima Prefecture Unadon (with liver sucking) 1,707 yen including tax

<Campaign outline>
Implementation schedule: May 12, 2021 (Wednesday) -May 31, 2021 (Monday)
Target stores: 1,303 stores nationwide
Target products: All products (excluding collaboration products) handled by EPARK takeout are eligible.
Applicable conditions: Use EPARK coupon "MCP531"
Implementation details: If the amount of one order is 3,000 yen or more including tax, 1,000 yen will be discounted from the checkout.
Brands: Shirakiya, Uomin, LOL, Millennium Feast, Connoisseur Ginji, Yamauchi Farm, Kitanoichiba, Yokohama Uoman, Hamayaki Hokkaido Uoman, Hokkaido Uoman, Sushi and Izakaya Uomin, Fukufukuya, Taketori Sake Story, Tamba Kurodori Farm, Moon Feast, Moon Flower, Kabaya, Kushikatsu Kuroda, Kushikatsu Kuroda x Medeta House, Kuro ○, Mitsue-chan, Bariyasu Sakaba, Forty-Five Marriage House, Shirakiya 48, LOL 48
* Karaage Tetsujin, Tonkatsu Wakichi, Gunchan, and closed stores of virtual restaurants are not eligible for this campaign.

Monte Rosa Co., Ltd.

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