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Omron and Square Enix have started joint research on AI that enhances people's motivation through Omron's table tennis robot "Forfeus". In this joint research, we will develop AI algorithms that provide feedback that enhances human motivation from various vital data of human beings, and aim to establish technology that promotes dramatic growth for humans.

■ Grow people based on core technology “Sensing & Control + Think”

OMRON founded Omron's core technology “Sensing & Control + Think” based on the philosophy of Kazuma Tateishi, who founded Kazuma Tateishi that “Machine can do what it can do, and humans should enjoy activities in more creative fields.” In the meantime, we are aiming for a future where machines can bring out human abilities and creativity. In 2013, the table tennis robot “Forfeus” was developed in order to introduce the core technology “Sensing & Control + Think” in an easy-to-understand way. Since then, we have evolved our core technology every year to bring out human abilities. The latest 5th generation "Forpheus" is equipped with cutting-edge AI and robotics technology, high table tennis skills that can be used for rallying with professional players, and the best return and advice for each person with a deep understanding of the opponent. By doing so, it has evolved to the point where coaching that encourages human growth is possible.

In this joint research, OMRON's strength is "sensing technology that reads human emotions and abilities" and Square Enix has cultivated in game development "AI technology that changes game development for each player and shakes human emotions" [Meta-AI] ”will be combined to develop AI that will guide the player to motivate them to grow. This is installed in "Forpheus", and by communicating with "Forpheus" through table tennis, the machine will bring out human performance and accelerate the realization of the relationship between human and machine.

■ Introducing Meta AI cultivated in games into the real world
At Square Enix, the Technology Promotion Department plays a central role, and “Meta AI”, one of the AI ​​technologies, aims to understand the emotions of game players and provide content suitable for each game player. . In addition, it is assumed that future digital games will be expanded not only in monitors and screens, but also to real-world-based areas such as smart cities. At that time, in order to evolve the “meta AI” technology developed by Square Enix through game content to contribute to society in real space, we participated in joint research on the table tennis robot “Forpheus”.

OMRON will deploy the technology realized through this joint research to OMRON's focus domains, factory automation [FA], healthcare, and social solutions. For example, in FA, it can be expected to be used to improve motivation through appropriate support of machines according to the level of proficiency of workers. Through this joint research, we will accelerate the resolution of social issues in each domain toward “harmonizing humans and machines”.

In addition, the table tennis robot “Porpheus” equipped with joint research technology will be exhibited at the “CES [Consumer Electronics Show] 2020” to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 7 to 10, 2020. To do.

■ Outline of joint research
Period: December 2019-March 2020
Objective: Algorithm development of motivation control AI for table tennis robot
Concept development, architecture development for table tennis robot, effect verification, algorithm
Examination of improvement method
<Square Enix>
Concept development, motivation control AI architecture design, evaluation index setting, development advice and support, algorithm improvement method study

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