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With the prevention of the new coronavirus infection, more companies are recommending working from home. With the rapid pace of telework and the increasing use of online communications such as email, chat, and video conferencing, some people may be experiencing physical and psychological stress.

Logitech, a provider of cameras and Web / video conferencing systems for conference rooms as well as individuals, introduced "Telework Tips" based on know-how in system introduction and online communication with offices around the world. Deliver the contents.

■ Create a sense of reality close to face-to-face through video conferencing
If 100% say that everyone gathers in the meeting room and talk, it will be about 50% for a conference call, but if you add video and improve the audio quality, it could be 70-80%. . Participants can be more aware of their participation, and the organizer can see who is participating and how they are attending the meeting.

For example, consider a case where there are few statements in a conference call. From the perspective of the organizers, there are many negative aspects such as “ I do not know who was participating, I do not even know what I was told '', even from the participants, “ I do not understand the significance of my participation, I feel alienated '' Come out. In Europe and the United States, logical language systems and a large number of individual statements have covered the downsides of audio conferencing, but Japanese culture is not so, so the presence or absence of video should greatly change.

In the marketplace, it is often said, "Is it necessary to show images at meetings?" Recently, however, the hurdle to show images has been reduced due to improvements in image quality, network speed, and image processing using AI.

Tips for reducing the stress of video conferencing
Tips は Camera is at eye level

With the camera attached to the notebook PC, it is easy to see the angle from below, so it may look different from the actual one, or depending on the specifications of the PC, the image quality and angle may be poor.

The ideal solution is to place the camera on an external monitor. Since the height of the camera becomes the level of the person's eyes, the posture is improved, and the conversation becomes more natural even from the viewpoint of the other party. Even if you feel that you are a foreign member, you will be able to discuss smoothly as if you were meeting in person.

If you don't use an external monitor, it's a good idea to use a tripod wherever you like.

Tips Set the background
Web conferencing services such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are equipped with technology that uses AI to process the background. In the case of "I do not want to show the surrounding scenery because there is no private room / it is not beautiful", for example, with Zoom, the background can be set in this way.

1) Click the second arrow on the bottom left of the Zoom screen, the up arrow on the right of the video icon. Then a pop-up menu appears.

2) Click Video Settings in the menu.

3) Click "Virtual background" on the setting screen to select your favorite background from the right (you can also register your favorite image yourself). Microsoft Teams can also blur backgrounds and apply images.

Background setting 1
Background setting 2

There are many difficulties because it is not possible to secure a complete private room in the general living environment of Japan, but if you first turn on the video and participate in the meeting with "motivation", you will be able to cooperate with each other in a more realistic way -If you can work, you will be able to maintain the performance as a company.

By the way, it's an analog point. In order to keep your mind relaxed during telework, it is important to wake up at the usual time, change clothes properly, and turn on the video.

I also bought a headset, but it was too inexpensive to wear for a long time, so my ears hurt, and some people picked up the surrounding noise, causing noise and family voices. Do you?

Logitech not only offers webcams at various price points, but also devices such as headsets and mice that won't get tired even after prolonged use, which may help reduce the stress of working from home.

Logitech products for home life

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