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spa! Luka. A Masai warrior Luka who has won a lion. However, since I handle smartphones freely,In a sense, it may also be an “IT warrior”?I have a question for me.

"Does the Masai have a calendar? How do you know the calendar, such as what month, day, and birthday?"

Thanks to the questioner, “Oka”, Asheolen. But as I mentioned earlier, I'm not just a warrior, but an IT warrior. Of course, to know the calendar …

Look at your smartphone or watch.

Because I'm an IT warrior … Even this question is seen on the smartphone. Already here is the calendar. In addition, one arm has CASIO's red G-SHOCK from Go. The screen also has a calendar written in English. So I have two calendars.

But how do people who don't have a smartphone or watch know their time and history? This is actuallyThe answer is the moon. With the fullness of the moon, I know the history.My wife is still using the moon as a calendar. So the answer to this question is

Maasai people who manage IT → smartphones and watches
Maasai without relying on IT → Moon

Is that the answer? If the moon is coming out, you might want to look at it while keeping in mind your history. Once you get used to it, you may be able to figure out what month or day just by looking at the moon? *I'm looking at my smartphone.Oleseri!

Report:Luka [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

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