It seems that Komeda coffee can be used with UberEats, so I tried "Komeda at home" again! I came with some candy!

Previous articleThen, I told you that you can take out Komeda coffee products. It's very grateful to be able to take it home while the demand for refraining from going out continues. It can be said that it is a blissful luxury to come home at home. Actually thatIt seems that Komeda can be used with "UberEats". In other words, delivery!

After a quick check, I found that in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, where I [Sato] live, the Ogikubo south exit store supports delivery! ‥You've succeeded in coming out without leaving a step from home!

・ Discover Komeda with UberEats!

When I actually started the UberEats app and searched for "Komeda", it came out really! ‥ The Omekubo south exit store

I have to order this anymore! By ordering, I ordered plenty of milk coffee [940 yen] and Komeda's special pizza [850 yen]. A service charge of 179 yen plus a delivery charge of 500 yen came to 2469 yen.

Delivery is"Place at the front door"choose. I had the doorbell pushed at the time of delivery and left it behind. When ordering with the app, we recommend putting it at the front door.

・ Bean confectionery!

After about 30 minutes, the doorbell made a noise and when I opened the entrance, there was a product beside the door. I see, why don't you make a face with the delivery person when you leave it home? It was my first time, so I was a little confused, but it seems to be useful once I get used to it.

Looking at the product, pizza and milk coffee in the same container as for takeaway. And …

Bean confectionery that comes when you order a drink in the store! ‥This is nice, I'm so happy!

The pizza didn't seem to fit in one container and was split in two.

It's okay to eat it as it is, but since it's at home, let's wrap it in aluminum foil and warm it with a toaster oven.

I was regrettable that I couldn't go to Komeda for tea while going out, but it was because of Take-Out Delivery that I could feel Komeda coffee again. Should not be. Furthermore, it seems that you can try the arrangement menu unique to your home. With this as an opportunity,Let's enjoy "home comeda"!

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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