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It shines though it is natural! The nuance color is the point of the new ethuse "Ethyssie Eye Edition (Mascara)"!

Eye edition that can enhance your eyesight with bushlashes with a natural finish.

Ethuse, which is 30 years old from birth in 2020, is rebranding!ポ イ ン ト From the point makeup products that appeared as the first of the new ethuse, this time"Ethus Eye Edition"Pick up. I tried out the mascara and mascara base, which brings out my charm naturally without swelling!

"Eye makeup that keeps the impression pulled out without discomfort" appears from the new Etuce

March 2020, 30th anniversaryEthuseRenews brand! The brand has been reborn as a brand for women in their 20s who sends a natural and stylish lifestyle. The theme of the spring 2020 collection, the first of such a new ethuse, is "Off Mode". He proposes makeup that suits his off-mode style, which is natural and natural.

This time, the eye makeup from the three editions will continue to be drawn out without any discomfort"I Edition"Pick up!

"Ethuse Eye Edition (Mascara)" (2 colors, 6 g, suggested retail price 1,200 yen excl. Tax, on March 26, 2020)Is a nuance color mascara that elevates the impression casually. It is said that an extra-fine triangular brush delicately catches and separates the eyelashes to give a bushy and fluffy finish. It is also resistant to sweat, sebum, tears, and bleeding, so it can keep a beautiful finish for a long time.

The color lineup is available in two colors. "01 Lavender Black" contains lavender pearls. "02 Burgundy Brown" contains red pearl. Both are exquisite nuance colors and soft colors. Essence composition, cares lashes gently.

"Ethuse Eye Edition (mascara base)" (6g, MSRP excl. Tax ¥ 1,000, on sale March 26, 2020)Has repackaged the popular product "Ethuse Rush Version Upgrade", which has surpassed the cumulative shipment of 4.5 million units (from release to the end of December 2019). A black and white mascara base that keeps the eyelashes with a strong and lightweight base and black fibers going up and down. It naturally extends the eyelashes and keeps the curls for a long time, so you can improve your eyesight naturally.

It is easy to fall with a light wearing feeling ◎ For sophisticated eyes with nuance color

Try the Eye Edition right away!

The simple package is easy to use for adult women as well as young women.

First, from the mascara base.

The eyelashes are lifted from the base and a separate comb that does not limp is used. Because it is a transparent black liquid containing black fibers, it is convenient to use as a mascara without whitening.

After curling the eyelashes with a burler, apply the comb to the base of the eyelashes and wiggle it toward the hair tips.

For an intense curly upward eyelash with a soft, gentle feel!な く There is no prosperity at all, and it has a natural finish like dark eyelashes. It is also encouraging that it is hard to fall with a waterproof formula.

Then try using mascara.

Try 01 first!

An extra-fine triangular brush that catches even lashes and short eyelashes. Since the mascara liquid contains no fiber, it adheres smoothly without sticking to the eyelashes.

Fit the brush to the base of the eyelashes, and blow it up. Easy to apply liquid to all eyelashes, separates smoothly and is easy to use ◎

Easy to apply to lower eyelashes with extra fine brush!

Lavender black is beautifully colored. Finished with sophisticated, clear eyes. Each eyelash is curled neatly without any lumps, making it a long long eyelash!

Let's look at the 02 finish.

The burgundy brown color was beautiful, and the eyes were finished with a soft feeling. You can get a gentler impression than lavender black. It seems to go well with gorgeous pink feminine makeup.

It was hard to fall off, and there was no oozing or panda eyes all day due to sweat, sebum, or tears. It is also a high point that it keeps a beautiful curl for a long time with a light fit, without eyelashes coming down.

"Ethuse Eye Edition (Mascara)", which naturally creates a large eye area, is for those who want to get stylish eyes with a nuance color and a sense of omission, those who are tired of black mascara, and natural bushlashes without filling Recommended for those who want to grant!

Purchases are from shops handling Etheses, such as variety shops.

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