It suddenly appeared and disappeared … │The power of Ford RS200 who was active in Group B

The Ford RS200 rally career in Group B was very short, but outside of Group B it monopolized the podium.

He suddenly appeared and disappeared. The FIA's sudden abolition of Group B ended the less than a year in the Group 200's 420bhp RS200. But it was a truly glorious year. Malcolm Wilson suddenly won the Lindisfarne Rally in September 1985. The RS200 won 19 victories in six countries in 1986, winning almost every European championship. It's hard to imagine Ford Fan's enthusiasm.

The decision to abandon Group B was due to the death of Henri Toivonen, who drives the Lancia Delta S4, along with co-driver Sergio Crest in Tour de Corse in round five. Until then, Stig Bronkvist and Carl Grundel had beaten the fastest test stage time in four races with the RS200. He finished 3rd in Sweden, 5th in RAC and 5th in the Acropolis, but missed the podium due to broken wheel stud bolts.

The RS200 showed its potential in ice-covered Scandinavia, in heat and sandy Spain, in the Netherlands and Belgium full of windings, and in the homeland of Gravel, followed by Britain. Mark Ravel, who was the first to participate in Group B, won the British Rally Championship. The RS200's 4WD system proved to be advantageous for racing on any surface.

Turning to the privates, Mark Rennison, who obtained a non-works car, was a regular on the podium of the British rallycross scene. When the former works machine was paid off, customers from all over Europe purchased the RS200 to follow Lenison.

Until the FIA ​​declared the abolition of Group B, an evolution model [mandatory to sell 20 units] was planned at Boreham by chief engineer John Wheeler. The vehicle was lighter by 100㎏ and was rumored to have a new Ford Cosworth 2.1-litre BDT-E [E stands for evolution] engine, with a peak power of less than 500bhp. It was said that a maximum output of 600bhp could be achieved, but more power was drawn from the hands of the privates.

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