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"It takes more than 3 years to organize feelings" A way of life for women without children

Shufuno Tomosha has recently released a book, The Life of Women Without Children Who No One Taught. The author is Miyako Kudo, an adult life producer and trend watcher. The price is 1,400 yen (excluding tax).

One book that you can find a signpost of life

  • Cover of "The way of life of a woman without children who no one told me"

This book is the second installment of "Walking a Childless Life That No One Taught," which told the reality of women without children and resonated. This time, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 301 women from 28 to 65 years old who have no children nationwide, and from 15 questions, we approached the true intentions that had not been revealed so far. For example, when we asked how long it took to give up feelings after giving up having a child, more than 3 years accounted for 62%, and more than 10 years was 14%. It turns out that it is not easy.

One of the things to read about this book is the history of seniors who live beyond the pain. These experiences also show that more than 62% of people take more than three years to organize their feelings after giving up their child. People who are lost in advance at stop of infertility treatment, people who are troubled with how send a life without children, and people who are thinking about adoption, become a "book searchable is now live go their own signpost" It is said that.

The author, Miyako Kudo, is an adult life producer and trend watcher. President of the Madane Project, which supports women without children. He has authored books such as "Books That Understand Product PR Methods That Are Interesting" (Chukei Publishing).

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