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It turns out that most sites in the UK do not comply with "cookie regulations". About 10% satisfy the conditions-Engadget Japanese version

Francois Lenoir / ReutersOn January 8, 2020 (local time), a research team such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that “ about 90% of the top 10,000 search sites in the UK do not comply with cookie regulations set in Europe '' .

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) was enforced in 2018 to protect personal information. Regulations on the handling of "cookies" that record site visit history have also been strengthened, and the site has been obliged to provide a mechanism that allows users to freely allow and stop the use of cookies.

The research team surveyed the top 10,000 search sites in the UK and found that about 88.2% of sites did not meet the minimum requirements set in Europe. On the other hand, only about 11.8% of sites have introduced an appropriate CMP (consent management platform) and displayed pop-ups that consent to cookies in a prescribed manner.

In the first place, Europe has set various rules (such as the Data Protection Directive) on data handling since the mid-1990s when the Internet began to spread. It has been in effect since 2012.

At that time, he was criticized for not being able to keep up with the implementation too quickly, but there was plenty of time to take action early in the year before the GDPR took effect. Nevertheless, it is considered that about 90% of the top sites in the UK do not meet the minimum requirements.

According to the researchers who surveyed this time, although the improvement of CMP is effective in solving the problem, there are few enforcement actions even if the rules are violated because the resources of the management organization are limited. Leaving the offending site untouched may also be a reason why progress has not been made.

In Japan in October 2019Fair Trade Commission is considering cookie regulationsWas reported. Although there is no specific information on what kind of regulation is actually performed, if it is enforced in Japan, you may be asked to consent to the use of cookies every time you open a domestic website Maybe.

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