It turns out that the number of people riding bicycles has increased rapidly due to the influence of the new coronavirus


It turns out that the number of people riding bicycles has increased rapidly due to the influence of the new coronavirus

In each countryNew type coronavirus infection (COVID-19)With the spread of business, businesses are increasingly recommending remote work and staggered commutes to avoid high population densities, and people are changing their behavior, such as refraining from attending events or going out. In New York City, USA, it has been reported that "the number of people riding bicycles has increased rapidly" with the spread of the new coronavirus.

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Coronavirus has caused a bicycling boom in New York City | Grist

March 8, 2020 in New YorkBill DeBrazioIn order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus,Announced guidelines for New YorkersDid.

The guidelines state: "To help protect yourself and others, consider working from home as much as possible and shift your working hours. Avoid using the subway during rush hours and use alternatives such as cycling or walking. “ Commuters '' “ People with reduced immunity and chronic illness do not participate in unnecessary events and gatherings '' “ Cublic officials cancel all unnecessary international travel '' “ Distribute paper towels and soap to schools Do "is written.

Among the recommended items, a request to switch the mode of transportation to bicycles and walking was described as “ Citizens living in New York with insufficient bicycle lanes are not accustomed to riding bicycles and people move It is unlikely that the means will be switched. " It was pointed out that the hurdles for beginners to ride a bicycle are high in New York because cars are often parked on bicycle lanes.

by Tim Klapdor

However, less than a week after Mayor Des Blasio published the guidelines, data showed that many New Yorkers began cycling. Launching rental bicycle service in New YorkCiti BikeReports on March 12 that bicycle riding rates increased by up to 67% compared to 2019.

Also,New York City Department of TransportationAlso announced on March 12 that the number of cyclists has increased due to the warmer temperatures and the advocacy of guidelines with COVID-19.East riverReported that bicycle traffic through the bridge increased by 50% year-over-year.

It has been pointed out that the increasing demand for bicycles is due to higher temperatures than usual, but it is also clear that concerns about the new coronavirus are one factor. The newly added cyclists are not only those who have switched their commuting mode from public transport, but also those who originally went to the gym, but are afraid of infection in the gym and are seeking ways to exercise outdoors There are people.

Web media reporting news on climate changegrist"Physical obstacles, such as inexperience and maintenance of car lanes, have not been a problem for New Yorkers to adopt more sanitary and climate-friendly human-powered transportation," he said. There are concerns that increasing the number of inexperienced cyclists will reduce traffic safety, but increasing the number of bicycles will make car drivers more aware of bicycles. Grist believes that safety will increase. In addition, the number of cars in the city is decreasing due to the recommendation of telecommuting and staggered commuting, and it is said that an environment where bicycles can pass safely is being prepared.

"I'm not sure if the New York cycling boom will continue after the outbreak of the new coronavirus," grist said, but argued that the increase in cycling is a welcome change for the environment. He points out that it is an unexpected benefit of the new coronavirus.

by New York City Department of Transportation

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