It will be like this if you explain all of AWS's enormous and complicated service group with “ only one line ''

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It will be like this if you explain all of AWS's enormous and complicated service group with “ only one line ''

Amazon's cloud serviceAWSConsists of a huge and complex set of services such as computing, databases and storage. Use these rich service groups in combination wellBuilding block"Is also an advantage of AWS, but it is also true that it is difficult to grasp the whole picture because there are too many services. Freelance engineer and consultantJoshua TeissenIn his blog, he describes all AWS services "one line".

Amazon Web Services

According to Teisen, there are 163 AWS services available from Amazon Dashboard at the time of article creation. You don't have to understand all of them exactly, but keeping the basics is a good thing, says Teisen, who makes it easier to solve problems. So, the content that Mr. Teisen expressed the AWS service in one line is as follows.

◆ Computing

EC2: Virtual Private Server
Lightsail: Hosting providers provided by Amazon (VPS, DNS, storage)
Lambda: Can execute code written in Python, Node.js, Go, etc. Parallel execution is also possible.
Batch: Run software jobs on EC2 machines
Elastic Beanstalk: Run software on a managed virtual machine
Serverless Application Repository: A repository for deployable serverless applications (in Lambda)
Outposts: You can use Amazon services in your own data center
Image Builder: Automatically create an EC2 image

◆ Storage

S3: File storage. You can't mount it directly, but you can download files via HTTP.
EFS:NFS.. You can mount a disk on your network to your machine.
FSx: Windows that can be connected from EC2 machineLustreFile system
S3 Glacier: Low cost storage system for backup and archiving
Storage Gateway:iSCSIYou can connect S3 to your machine using
Backup: Automatic backup of different AWS services (EC2, RDS, etc.)

◆ Database

RDS: Managed MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
DynamoDB: Large & Scalable Non-Relational Database
ElastiCache: ManagedMemcacheandRedisMachine
Neptune: Graph database
Redshift: Data warehouse. Can store a large amount of data that can be processed in a stream.
QLDB:ImmutableAnd a database for cryptographically verified data (such as money transactions)
DocumentDB:MongoDBClone of (not fully compatible)
Keyspaces: ManagedApache CassandraClone of

◆ Migration and data transfer

Migration Hub: Migrate from data center to AWS
Application Discovery Service: Collect data center service information
Database Migration Service: You can migrate your database to RDS online. Can be between different data structures.
Transfer Family: S3 based (S) FTP service. You can transfer data to S3 bucket by FTP.
Snowball: A set of services that acquires AWS machines, connects them to a data center, and transfers data to AWS at high speed
DataSync: Synchronize data between your data center and AWS

◆ Network and content delivery

CloudFront: Content Delivery Network
Route 53: Manage domain names and records
API Gateway: Create HTTP APIs and connect them to different backends
Direct Connect: Connect (physically) between your system (or data center) and AWS
App Mesh: As a sidecar for ECS and EKS containersEnvoyRun automatically
Cloud Map: Discovering services for containers
Global Accelerator: Run the application at an edge location. Application version of CDN

◆ Development tools

CodeStar: Quickly develop apps using template code, CodeCommit, and CodeBuild templates
CodeCommit: Amazon source repository (git repository, etc.)
CodeDeploy: Deployment Service
CodePipeline: Define a workflowCDI do
Cloud9: OnlineIDE

X-Ray: You can analyze and debug your application. Supports Python, Node.js, Go, etc.

◆ Robotics

RoboMaker: A cloud solution for robot engineers. You can perform simulations, tests, and secure deployment of robot apps.

◆ Optimization for each customer

IQ: Hire an AWS expert to meet your needs
support: AWS Support Center
Managed Services: Let AWS manage AWS services

◆ Block chain

Managed Blockchain: Blockchain

◆ Satellite

Ground Station: Satellite communication service

◆ Quantum technology

Braket: Some quantum technology. At the time of writing the article, it is not clear at the preview stage.

◆ Management and governance

Organizations: Setting up multiple organizations and accounts
CloudWatch: Getting logs from various AWS elements
Auto Scaling: Scale resources based on your own inputs and rules
CloudFormation: You can create and configure AWS elements using templates
CloudTrail: Record who did what in the AWS service
Config: Auditing AWS Resource Settings
OpsWorks:ChefOrAnsibleAutomation by
Service Catalog: Manage a list of items and codes in the cloud
Systems Manager: You can freely view the data by grouping resources, such as by app.
AppConfig: Can save and publish application setting data
Trusted Advisor: Checks for cost and security issues with your account
Control Tower: Managing multiple accounts
License Manager: License Management
Well-Architected Tool: Create a system survey and see if it follows best practices
Personal Health Dashboard: AWS status page
Chatbot: Connect AWS with Slack
Launch Wizard:MS SQLOrSAPOther software
Compute Optimizer: Finds the best resource and tells you how to save money

◆ Media service

Elastic Transcoder: Convert S3 files to a different format or convert back to S3
Kinesis Video Streams: Capturing a media stream
Elemental MediaConnect: Unknown
Elemental MediaConvert: Convert media to different formats
Elemental MediaLive: Share live video to the general public
Elemental MediaPackage: Unknown
Elemental MediaStore: Unknown
Elemental MediaTailor: You can insert ads in video broadcasts
Elemental appliances and software: Create videos on-premises. Basically a combination of the above services. It will cost money.

◆ Machine learning

SageMaker: Machine learning tools
CodeGuru: Profiling Java Code with Machine Learning
Comprehend: Make machine understand and classify the contents of emails and tweets by machine learning
Forecast: Predict from data
Fraud Detector: Don't know at preview stage
Kendra: Question-based search service
Lex: Can create voice conversations and chatbots
Machine Learning:not recommended. SageMaker is the successor.
Personalize: Create personalized recommendations based on data (Mahout? )
Polly: Convert text to voice in different languages
Rekognition: Recognize objects and people in images
Textract: Recognize the text in the image and output it as text (Optical character recognition)
Transcribe: Convert voice to text
Translate: Translate text into other languages
DeepLens: Video camera for machine learning
DeepRacer: A type of game in which you can program a race vehicle and compete with machine learning
Augmented AI: Engage humans in the learning flow to improve machine learning
DeepComposer: Computer composes. Literally amazing thing.

◆ Analysis

Athena: Save query data to S3 bucket
EMR: Big data framework can be executed and scaled
CloudSearch: Managed document search system (ElasticsearchAWS version)
Elasticsearch Service:SaaSElasticsearch
Kinesis: Collecting huge amount of data in a form that can be analyzed (ELK stackSomething like? )
QuickSight:Business intelligenceservice
Data Pipeline:DynamoDBData can be moved or transformed to RDS, RDS, S3
Data Exchange: Expected to find an API that can use the desired data, which can be expensive
Glue:ETLImproves the quality of services and data and verifies
Lake Formation:Data lakeTo create
MSK: SaaSApache Kafka

◆ Security, identification and compliance

IAM: AWS permission system that can manage users and AWS services
Resource Access Manager: Share AWS resources such as Route 53 and EC2 with other accounts
Cognito: User and password management system. Useful for application user management.
Secrets Manager: Protects encrypted data such as keys. Automatic rotation of secret is also possible.
GuardDuty:CloudTrailPrepare for threats by automatically scanning VPC and VPC logs
Inspector: Automatically detect network and machine (security) problems
Macie: Analyzing data in S3 bucket and checking personal information
Single Sign-On: Application can use single sign-on function
Certificate Manager: Can manage SSL certificates and issue (free) certificates
Key Management Service: Managing encryption keys
CloudHSM:Hardware security module.. Can generate and operate encryption keys.
Directory Service: SaaSActive Directory

WAF and Shield:Web application firewall.. You can set rules and specify rules prepared in advance.
Firewall Manager: Firewall Management for Different Accounts in Your Organization
Artifact: Cloud Compliance Document (ISO / IEC 27001Something like)
Security Hub: Comprehensive security checker using GuardDuty, Inspector, Macie, etc.
Detective: Log security issues (eg from Security Hub)

◆ Mobile

Amplify: Automatically generate front-end & back-end application with AWS and deploy automatically
Mobile Hub: Now part of Amplify
AppSync: Can create a backend API that can be connected. Can also be created via Amplify.
Device Farm: AWSBrowserStack.. You can automatically test on different mobile devices and browsers.

◆ AR and VR

Sumerian:do not know. The browser crashed in Mr. Taysen's environment.

◆ Application integration

Step Functions: Machine configuration can be described in Amazon's own language
AppFlow: Multiple apps can be linked automatically (ZapierSomething like? )
EventBridge:Event busSomething like a system
MQ: Managed by AmazonApache ActiveMQ

Simple Notification Service: System notifications can be sent by email or SMS
Simple Queue Service:Message queuesystem
SWF: Can create workflow

◆ AWS cost management

Cost Explorer: Visualize AWS cost status
Budgets: Create AWS Budget
Marketplace: Software installedAMIYou can search and buy

◆ Customer engagement

Connect: AWS Call Center Platform
Pinpoint: You can respond by email, SMS, or phone call according to the template
Simple Email Service: Can send mail. Email provider.

◆ Business application

Alexa for Business: Connecting business with Alexa
Chime: Zoom's AWS version
WorkMail: AWS version of Gmail and Google Calendar

◆ End user computing

WorkSpaces: Windows or Linux virtual desktop service
AppStream 2.0: Deliver application to browser
WorkDocs: Can store and manage documents online
WorkLink: Connect to the intranet with a mobile device

◆ IoT

IoT Core:MQTTManage IoT devices through a broker
FreeRTOS: For microcomputers that can automatically connect to IoT Core and GreengrassRTOS

IoT 1-Click: One-click connection and management with systems such as Lambda
IoT Analytics: Various messages can be structured and stored for analysis
IoT Device Defender: Detect device abnormality and take action
IoT Device Management: Group IoT devices and set job schedule and remote access
IoT Events: Monitor device usage and enable AWS services and jobs to execute themselves
IoT Greengrass: If the connection to IoT Core is intermittent,Message brokerCan buffer messages on up to 200 devices that can communicate with each other locally
IoT SiteWise: Collect, structure, analyze, and visualize data from industrial equipment
IoT Things Graph: Build service like CloudFormation that allows you to visualize how IoT devices are communicating with AWS services

◆ Game development

GameLift: Deploy your game server to AWS with low latency

◆ Container

Elastic Container Registry:Docker HubYou can save a Docker image like
Elastic Container Service: EC2 andFargateCan start a container on
Elastic Kubernetes Service: SaaSKubernetes

There are over 150 services on AWS, and it's nearly impossible to be familiar with all of them, but "that's fine," Teisen said. Some services have nothing to do with the service you want to use. Most services have been described very well and were easy to get started, Teisen said. In addition, Mr. Teisen has no experience dealing with smart devices, so he seems to expect AWS's IoT related service experts to teach about the service.

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