It's almost like barefoot! Beach sandals with a completely new design

There will be more opportunities to wear beach sandals in the coming season. However, common sandal shoes often have problems such as slipperiness when wet with water, and poor breathability and stuffiness. So this time,New link sandals "Link Flip-shoes" that you can wear like barefootI will introduce.

Goodbye to the troubles of beach sandals

Have you ever had the experience of unfamiliarly injuring your feet if you continue to wear beach sandals for a long time? This "Link Flip-shoes" was developed to solve the problems of such beach sandals!

Goodbye to the troubles of beach sandals

Outstanding breathability prevents stuffiness

"Link Flip-shoes" has a novel design and excellent breathability!You can feel the feeling of openness and exhilaration that cannot be obtained with shoes or sandals that cover your toes.

Outstanding breathability prevents stuffiness

Firmly protect the soles of the feet

Shoes play a major role in protecting against the unexpected threats at your feet.Even with the "Link Flip-shoes," the safety design protects the soles of the feet from unexpected injuries and scratches on the shoes while maintaining the open feeling.!!

Firmly protect the soles of the feet

It is hard to feel discomfort even if you wear it for one day

If you wear normal shoes all day long, your legs will be overloaded due to cramping and the weight of the shoes. But,"Link Flip-shoes" is lightweight with one leg of less than 300g, so you can continue to wear it openly for a long time.!!

It is hard to feel discomfort even if you wear it for one day

Call for support until July 9th!

"Link Flip-shoes" is available until July 9th at Makuake, so if you are interested, please check it out!

Learn more about Link Flip-shoes →Pain in beach sandals, goodbye. New sense! Sandal shoes worn like barefoot

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