It's also the base of the cake! If you put draining yogurt in the "Harvest" of Tohato, it's a delicious dessert like rare cheesecake!! | AppBank

Since its launch in 1978, Tohato's long-selling baked confectionery “Harvest” has been loved for a long time. I have also loved it since I was a child, and there are days when I'm an adult and I still want to eat it.

Arrangement recipes using such harvests are now a hot topic on SNS! Let's make "Milkrape-style Millefeuille Sandwich" that uses harvested butter toast and draining yogurt, which is also introduced on Tohato's official Twitter!

What happens to the crispy harvest! ?

Click here for materials.

・Harvest butter toast
・Drained yogurt

You will find out later why the butter toast flavor is recommended. It is necessary to prepare draining yogurt in advance, so I will introduce you from that method first. Please prepare your favorite yogurt.

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