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It's effective for forgetting to buy! How to display the release date of books and comics on the calendar: iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan

iPhoneAre you away from reading because you don't have a bookstore nearby or you don't have time to go to one? I recommend you to sync the standard "Calendar" app with a site called "New" to display the release dates of books and comics on the calendar. Furthermore, if you have a book that interests you, you can make a smooth reservation. This technique is unbearable for book lovers, and this time I will introduce the procedure.

Register as a user on "new issue .net"

In order to display the release date of books and comics on the calendar, you must first register as a user in "New issue .net". Let's proceed with the registration procedure by searching for "New issue .net" in Safari.

▲ Open the homepage of "new issue .net" [left]. Let's proceed with user registration from "New registration" [right]

After registration, log in and tap "Calendar". Enter keywords for books and comics whose release date you want to know from "Register keywords". You can enter the series title, author name, genre such as "Mystery" or "Essay", and publisher name.

▲ Tap "Calendar" [left]. From "Register Keyword", enter the keyword related to the book / manga you want to know the release date. Press "Search for keywords" [right]

When a search candidate appears, select the specific keyword you want to add with "+". After adding, tap "Add to Calendar [iOS]" and select "Query". Then tap "Finish" to complete synchronization with the calendar. By the way, you can also sync to Google Calendar as well as the standard "Calendar" app.

▲ Add specific keywords with “+” [left]. Tap "Add to Calendar [iOS]" at the bottom of the screen and select "Query" [right]

See the release date of books synced to your calendar

When you open the "Calendar" application, the release date of books and comics related to the keywords registered in "New issue .net" is displayed. Tap the title you are interested in to open the details screen, and tap the link to switch to the "new book .net" site. You can purchase not only paper books but also electronic books. Besides Amazon, you can also fly to Rakuten Books and honto to check the details of the books.

▲ The new calendar release date is displayed in the "Calendar" application [left]. Tap the URL for details to open the "New" site and make a reservation [right]

In addition to books, you can also synchronize the release dates of CDs, DVDs, and games.


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