It's not a plastic model, but a real one! Self-made snorkel measures from 1/24 model | MUGEN CR-X PRO specification Honda Ballard Sport CR-X 1.5i Vol.1

FF lightweight sports that touches the heart

Speaking of Honda's compact coupe, it is the hybrid car CR-Z, but the car that was first given the name of the CR was the Ballard Sport CR-X [hereinafter referred to as CR-X] that debuted in July 1983.

The ballad of a 4-door sedan that was sold at the Verno store series as a sister car of the Civic.

It appeared as a sports model, but this is probably affected by Honda's sales channel relationship at that time.

The actual CR-X uses the floors and components of the third-generation AK Civic, which will undergo a full model change two months after that, and was never a derivative of the ballad.

The snorkel duct was handmade by the owner with FRP, and the basis was a plastic model kit made by Tamiya. The liner parts are measured and enlarged 24 times to make it.

It is a rare ventilation specification. The air received at the rear end of the roof turns in the opposite direction and is guided around the occupant's head.

A sporty bucket seat in good condition with the original plaid remaining.

The seating capacity is 4 people, but the rear seat is quite cramped for 2 adults to sit side by side.

Posted: Hachimaru Hero May 2010 vol.13 [All the contents in the article are those at the time of publication]
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