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It's not April Fool's Day: DoCoMo Develops “Hamburger Smartphone Cover”, Free Distribution on Meat Day-Engadget Japan Version

NTTdocomoOn February 27, 2020, NTT DOCOMO launched a new project, “Hoshi Pro Goods Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” that utilizes characters that appear in the company's commercial “Hoshi Pro” series. As the first step, I made a motif of Donimaru, one of the appeared characters"Hamburg smartphone cover"Was developed.

This smartphone cover, which seems to be only an April Fool's story,Free distribution on February 29, 2020 [meat day] at the hamburg specialty store "Gold Rush" Ikebukuro store and Steak Palace Hachioji Matsuki storeIt will be done. [/ embed]

This "Hamburger Smartphone Cover" has a roll-shaped oil-repellent napkin built into the side of the case [structurally like a small wrap film case]. It is a system that draws this out and protects your smartphone from oil splashes.

In addition, a hamburger trivia quiz is written on the napkin, and you can enjoy reading and waiting for the oil splashes to fit.


In making this smartphone cover, NTT DoCoMo investigated "the actual situation of smartphone damage caused by oil splashes from teppanyaki hamburgers." When a questionnaire was sent to 300 men and women who like hamburgers nationwide, 80% of the respondents answered that their smartphones are dirty with oil splashes and are stressed.

When asked if they would like to use any items that would prevent oil splashing, 75% were positive. In response to these voices, the goods were produced this time.


By the way, the hamburg trivia quiz written on the napkin is a maniac such as “ What was called when the hamburg was introduced to Japan, '' “ What kind of medicine is the package logo for the person who ate the hamburger first? '' Just things.

A cover that I'm worried about. Distribution is free,As mentioned above, it is limited to one day and two stores. In addition, the limited number is 60 eachEven if you just listen, the acquisition conditions are inevitable for fierce battles.
However, if you like not only Donimar but also the Star Pro series and hamburgers, you will definitely want to get it. Good luck to the readers and brothers who are challenged.


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