It's not sanity …! Publish here the whole story of how a beginner is tossed about in the strongest class of model making "Bottleship"

Due to the recent social situation, my staying time at home has been overwhelmingly longer than before, but I am not feeling well. If you stay at home all the time and don't meet people, you'll just think of extra things.I want something that I can forget about reality and immerse myself in for hoursWhen I thought, I found a kit called "This is!"

A sailing ship model that seems to be called "King of Hobby" because it is one of the most difficult models to make. Furthermore, it is a "bottleship" kit that packs it in a small bottle. It is said that there is a play called "impossible bottle" that can contain physically impossible things, not limited to ships, but in the case of bottleships, it is said that the way to make it is established.

Even though it's said to be difficult, it's a beginner's kit, and we don't even provide a manufacturer that makes it easy for users to drop it off. I started by thinking that I could do it in half a day, but … it was sweet from the conclusion. It was a very sweet candy.A sailboat model is a human training that tests human patience and selfishness.Is. Instead of forgetting time, I was going to lose my sanity, so I would like to report the whole story.

・ Basic way of making

There are roughly three ways to make bottleships. In order of increasing difficulty, it is said that [1] Assemble the model from the inside of the bottle, [2] Fold the half-assembled model into the bottle, and [3] Disassemble the bottle and insert the model.

This time, the kit is of medium difficulty, "Make it to a certain extent, then fold the mast and put it in the bottle". If this is the case, even a beginner writer can do it. The package also says, "We made it easy for anyone to enjoy the bottleship, which is difficult even for veteran model makers."

・ Woody Joe "No.1 Nippon Maru" [4800 yen excluding tax]

The product is a bottleship series "No. 1 Nippon Maru" by Woody Joe Co., Ltd., and the difficulty level is 2 out of 5. You'll be surprised at the compact outer box, but you will have to prepare the bottle and tools yourself.

The hull is wooden and pre-lasered so it can be easily separated.

The pieces are piled up to form a shape … Needless to say, the ship is made of curves. It is necessary to work out a solid piece from a square piece of wood, relying on the feeling of your fingertips. at this point,The concept is completely different from the plastic model that parts are completed from the beginningI started to notice the reality.

I am grateful that the paper pattern is attached. While checking it against the correct answer, just file. All of the carved ornaments would be made in this way, but it's difficult to sharpen a finished product that doesn't exist in front of you.

However, it seems that the wood is selected so that even beginners can easily process it. It does not chip easily, and it feels smooth and smooth when polished. It seems that healing a natural material called wood has a healing effect. Somehow my heart has become calm.…… Until this time.

・ Hull painting

Once the hull is complete, paint it. The paint is sucked into the surface that has been sufficiently sanded as comfortably as possible.

Masking tape is used to draw lines that are accents. Peeling off the tape, a bright blue line …

……It does not appear! How did this happen……!

Fine. With the “cheat power” cultivated in my life so far, this kind of correction is a bit of a chochoi. I've cheated more difficult situations.

There was also the help of stickers for details that could not be drawn by human hands. When the characters are put on the sticker, it becomes very realistic.

There are metal parts, but they are quite small. Each blade of the screw is about 1mm. It seems to be lost.

・ Mast making

Then, the real pleasure of the sailboat model, the production of the mast, begins.

However, even here, there is a work instruction to "cut round" a part made of square wood until it becomes a cylinder.I wonder how many there are.Each one is as thin as a toothpick, and there is no guarantee that it will not break during work.

Moreover, the hole through which the rope [thread] passes is smaller than the hole in the needle. In some cases, you need to thread two round trips through this hole.

The hardness and density of wood is probably not constant. Some pieces of wood have threads that slip in, and some pieces of wood are stuck and do not move easily. Also, if the thread is freshly cut, it will be firm and firm, but it will become a tact after many times. Then it becomes more difficult to enter. If you have experience in sewing, you may think of "threading", but it is so thin that even the tip of the threading does not fit.

This process of carefully threading the thread through the wood continued for hours. On the day when the thread that I had struggled with passed through, saying "Goodbye ~", somehow …No one would blame me for screaming.

Somehow the mast was completed. In addition, the yard [horizontal bar] is not completely fixed because it is tied with a thread, and it moves to the left and right. This is the key to putting it in a bottle. The work has progressed quite a bit, but at this point it actually took two days, and the easy-to-use prospective idea that "it will be possible in half a day" was abandoned.

・ Mast

The next day, we will start to work on the mast. First, a standard rope is stretched from the stern through the four jigger masts, Mizun masts, main masts, and fore masts. This is the standard for determining the spacing and angle of each mast, but …

The work itself was fun. As the mast gradually rises, it feels like a ship is alive, and I was impressed with how it supports us. Interesting is the name of each mast and ship terms such as “guff”, “boom” and “bowsprit”.

Thread the thread with the utmost care to make it as peen as possible. There were many parts that made me want to say, "It's impossible," such as tying a thread to the tip of only about 1 mm,I pressed it with the help of the adhesive.

I managed to tie all the ropes together and unwind the standard rope again …

It's messy!

I tried to fix it even if there was a lot of slack, but the four masts are linked, so I shrink one place somewhere → Repeatedly the mast is pulled and another part sags. I couldn't recover it, so I got hooked …

・ Put in a bottle

I didn't want to cut it, so I gave up fixing the rope.Ah, the loose rope is not cool …

But, anyway, I will put it in the bottle. The bottle to be prepared was exemplified by Suntory Red. A stable square bottle that is highly permeable rather than fashionable patterned glass. When I look at the manual"I can't start over. Please go carefully.""Warning text is written. Even so far, I think it was a work that could not be completely redone.

I'm scared! help……!

The inside of an elongated bottle cannot be reached with tweezers. Follow the instructions to make a "tori-mochi" -shaped one with disposable chopsticks and double-sided tape. Glue the pedestal etc …

Finally, I packed it in, and inserted the hull. There is really no turning back from this work. ProbablyHow to break a bottle if something goes wrong insideThere is nothing.

An hour later …

completed. Although it was completed.

From a distance, it may seem like a brilliant launch. However, my Nippon MaruBridge fell out due to unfortunate accident during workdid.

To make matters worse, the Mizun Mast and Jigger Mast are missing from the hull. Since it is pulled from the left and right with a rope, it has not fallen, but it is in a hanging state. You can hear the screams of the sailors. This is fatal for a sailing ship. I can't navigate.

This is an important part for meReplaced staples due to missing brass wireI would like to report that there was no problem with the kit because it happened because it was not long enough. Also, it is difficult to land the parts in the target place in a narrow bottle,The hull collapsed with rumblingIt is also because of the reason.

・ Chosen world

Probably, it is desirable to use a special tool such as long type forceps or curved tweezers for making a bottle ship. The world seems to have been a little early for the writer who does not have such tools.

Usually, once you make such a work, you will know the point, and from the second time, you can work more efficiently and beautifully. But when it comes to sailboat models,Even if I try again, I don't feel like improving myself.It was a deep and terrifying world. If there is a fierce person who thinks, "I'm the only one," look into the abyss. You may meet your new self …

Reference link:Woody Joe Co., Ltd.

Illustration / Report:Saya Togashi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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