It’s not the Shinsengumi also air send modern currency theory:the MMT to a simple question

U.S. Modern Money Theory:MMT landed in Japan, and approximately 1 year ago. Taro ASO and Finance Minister”out of the question”and dismiss you. If, for example, the Liberal Democratic Party of Nishida 昌司 member of the House of councillors last year, Mainichi Shimbun inThat theory contributed. “At least some discussion of this reference rests on more than”I think,I read.

MMT and the bite speaking in”General households and the country’s Financial is different. Government debt is a national asset for national currency by a government bond issue/debt increases, the problem is not that”argument. Honestly,some of the Wonder was. But, the question is already more of muscle from it has been pointed out that it was.

But this time,the destination of the House of Councillors election in 2 people with disabilities, councillors will not be refunded in this case,it is not the Shinsengumi of Taro Yamamoto, a representative”MMT positive thinking that shows”to know,ahead of the House of Councillors election that I’ve heard of the pledge to review the only. “The administration was right, and now to Japan, the necessary urgent measures”with however write? With in this content is covered.

★Consumption tax repeal: the House of councillors research information officer at the chamber’s estimate,sales tax to zero after 6 years 1 in per capita wages are 44 million yen up.

* Scholarships Chara: 555 million scholarship 徳政令 save. Repayment of funds is required to consume around them.

★Nationwide uniform! The minimum wage 1500 yen in government compensation: annual income of 200 million yen for a household to be zero.

★Deflation benefits: 1 person on 1 thousand yen/2 person households not on 6 million/3 person households from March 9-million yen—.

The problem of”financial resources”is this a sign that.

★Financial resources tax revenues are common. But deflation period in the different funds. New issuance of Government Bonds by the fiscal stimulus make a living, to support actively the economy turning. Economic growth will naturally, tax revenues increase.

★Issue is not infinite. Limit there. The 2% inflation target is achieved. Reached after the monetary tightening in the tax increase is necessary, according to ability burden[tax base] return income taxes also, progressive resistance is introduced.

Earpieces for as long as it is”good”too. Is,such as the following pointed out by Yamamoto, the representative is,how can I answer this? Everyone understands how to come and ask.

“Declining birthrate and aging population progress, the population is reduced while the medical and nursing care costs from the person increases. The pie is limited to people who eat the more you compose,the MMT is just a description of”

“Inflation rate[the inflation rate] is constant once you reach firstly, quit that is,it is inflation suppression [hyperinflation suppression] is whether you can timed of different problems”

What!? [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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